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Cost of Name Change Ad in Newspapers of Bareilly begin from Rs. 250/- onwards. Booking an Ad for Bareilly Newspapers for Passport Name Change is very simple with Just an affidavit is required to publish your Name Change Ad in Bareilly Newspapers.

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List of Newspapers in Bareilly to Book Name Change Ads :

Advertisement in Times of India Bareilly Circulation: 33,000 copies

Times of India Name Change Ad

Cost for Bareilly
₹ 200 for 5 Line

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Advertisement in Amar Ujala Bareilly Circulation: 176,700 copies

Amar Ujala Name Change Ad

Cost for Bareilly
₹ 475 for 25 Word

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Advertisement in Dainik Jagran Bareilly Circulation: 80,342 copies

Dainik Jagran Name Change Ad

Cost for Bareilly
₹ 900 for 5 Line

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Advertisement in Hindustan Hindi Bareilly Circulation: 77,351 copies

Hindustan Hindi Name Change Ad

Cost for Bareilly
₹ 250 for 5 Line

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Advertisement in Inext Bareilly Circulation: copies

Inext Name Change Ad

Cost for Bareilly
₹ 660 for 25 Word

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Bareilly Name Change Classified Display Ad Rates

Name Change Ad in Newspaper

Name Change Advertisement in Newspaper - Bareilly

For Name Change Ad there are various Newspapers in Bareilly which are published in various languages like English, Hindi and other vernacular languages. You can get your Name Change Ad published in any of these newspapers.

Name Change Ads are published in Classified Section of all these newspapers in Bareilly. View the list of newspapers in Bareilly to book Name Change Ad on this page with price mentioned. All these listed newspapers in Bareilly are reputable Newspapers. You won't be facing any issue for publishing your ad in these Bareilly Newspapers.

Printed Name Change Ad in Newspapers of Bareilly acts like a proof for filing application for changing name legally in Government Department.

Generally Name change Ad is required to get published in 1 English Newspaper and 1 local language newspapers in Bareilly.

To get name change ad published in newpapers of Bareilly you need to sumit an notarized affidavit which can be obtained from local Bareilly Vendor.

Draft of Affidavit for Name Change in Bareilly

When you approach a local vendor in Bareilly to obtain a Name Change Affidavit, they will have a ready template of the affidavit. Just make sure the following points are mentioned in the affidavit copy.

  1. Full name of the applicant
  2. Father’s name or husband’s name (in case of married women)
  3. Full residential address
  4. New Name of the applicant
  5. Reason of Changing Name
  6. A declaration stating that the facts provided in the affidavit are true and correct
  7. The applicant should sign the affidavit and get it attested by a Notary in Bareilly

After you get the Name Change Affidavit book your ad online instantly through to get it published in newspapers of Bareilly. Follow 3 simple steps process and your ad would published.

Change of Name Ad in Bareilly Newspaper for Passport purpose

Name Change Ad in Newspaper for Passport

When changing your name for passport or legal procedures in Bareilly, it's essential to have your announcement published in both 1 national and 1 local newspaper. This ensures proper legal coverage and awareness. To simplify the process, consider the convenience of combo packages that cover both newspapers. These combo deals start at an economical price from Rs. 525/- in Bareilly Newspapers. Don't miss out on this affordable and comprehensive solution for your name change needs.

Placing a Name Change Ad in Bareilly Newspapers is a necessary step when pursuing a Passport or dealing with legal matters. This applies to the following scenarios:

  1. Alteration of your own name or father's name.
  2. Adjustment in spelling.
  3. Shortening lengthy names.
  4. Discrepancy between the name on the Birth Certificate and the leaving certificate.
  5. Modification of surname post-marriage in Bareilly.
  6. Name alteration following a divorce.
  7. Changing from one religion to another.

In these instances, an affidavit is essential, accompanied by published change of name ads in two Bareilly newspapers. This procedure ensures compliance and transparency in official proceedings.

Procedure for publishing Name Change Ad in Bareilly Newspapers

Here's a simplified version of the procedure for publishing a Name Change Ad in Bareilly Newspapers:

Notary Affidavit: Begin by obtaining a Notary Affidavit for the Name Change from Bareilly District Court. You can find vendors near the District Court who offer notarized affidavits. Request a Name Change Affidavit on Stamp Paper, usually costing around Rs. 100 to Rs. 150.

Online Booking: Choose your desired Bareilly newspaper and book your Change of Name Ad online. Just go through How to book Name Change Ad in Bareilly Newspapers below.

Submit Affidavit: After booking the ad, send a scanned copy of the Affidavit to us via email.

Ad Placement: The Name Change Ad needs to be published in two newspapers in Bareilly. One should be a National Daily Newspaper, and the other a local Daily Newspaper. If unsure these, our customer support team can assist you.

Get Copies: Purchase 5 copies of each newspaper where your Name Change Ad is published in Bareilly. These will be useful for submissions to the Passport office or other relevant government departments.

Format for Name Change Ad in Newspaper Bareilly

Following is the precise format in which Change of Name Ad has to be drafted for Bareilly Newspaper:

I {Old Name} S/o. or D/o. {Father's Name} Age {x} Years, Address: {zzzz xx xx, Bareilly} has changed my Name from {Old Name} to {New Name} vide Affidavit Number {0000} dated {00.00.000} before Notary by {Name of Notary Person}

Name Change Ad Samples:

Name Change Ad Sample for change in First Name

I, Rakesh Singh S/o. Dalveer Singh R/o. 1-3-201, Indra Nagar, Bareilly have changed my name from Rakesh Singh to Aakash Singh for all purpose by affidavit sworn before Sivasagar Public Notary dated 01-08-2023

Name Change Ad Sample for change in Name after Marriage

I, Deepthi Kapadia w/o. Harsh Modi R/o. 5-7-108, 2nd Lane, Prashanti Nagar, Bareilly have changed my name from Deepthi Kapadia to Deepthi Modi for all purpose by affidavit sworn before Public Notary dated 10-08-2023

Name Change Ad Sample for Minor's Name Change

1. I, Aarti Sharma R/O R34, Dream Pride House, Aparna Township, Manikonda, Bareilly has changed our minor Son name from Raghav Singh Sharma to Raghav Sharma for all purpose vide affidavit no 08DD 548635 date 15-08-2023.

2. Based on an order entered by the Snohomish county district court, Washington, USA, on 10/Jun/2023, bearing case number N01-0124, we, Anand Rao Nama and Sujata Anand have changed our minor daughter's name from Priyanka Rao to Priyanka Rao Nama for all purposes.

Name Change Ad Sample for Passport Name Change

I, Abhishek Sharma S/o. Hariprasad Sharma, R/o. 1-3-201, Indra Nagar, Street No. 5, Bareilly have changed my name from Abhishek Sharma to Abhishek Hariprasad Sharma for all purpose by affidavit sworn before Indravadhan Public Notary dated 01-06-2023

Name Change Ad Sample for Complete Name Change

I, Radheshyam Chorsiya S/o. Balaprasad Chorsiya, H.No. 116, 6ht Street, Main Bazar, Bharghav Nagar, Bareilly have changed my name from Radheshyam Chorsiya to Vijay Raj Chauhan for all purpose by affidavit sworn before Mohammed Ali Public Notary dated 17-08-2023

Name Change Ad Sample for Name Change after Divorce

I, Rajshree Ajit Nair D/o. Prashant Dubey Address. Flat No 301, Om Shanti Apartments, Avanti Nagar, Bareilly have changed my name from Rajshree Ajit Nair to Rajshree Dubey for all purpose by affidavit sworn before Razak Public Notary dated 16-08-2023

Name Change Ad Sample for Name Change after Religion change

I, Rohit Reddy S/o. Venkatesh Reddy H.No. 4-5/12, Villa No. 18, Hardik Society, Prabhat Road, Bareilly have changed my religion and henceforth would be called as David John for all purpose by affidavit sworn before Narsing Rao Public Notary dated 18-08-2023

How to give Name Change Ad in Bareilly Newspapers?

To get Name Change Advertisement published in newspapers of Bareilly follow the below given procedure on the website.

  1. Select Newspaper. Choose a publication from the list of newspapers in Bareilly for Name Change Ad booking.
  2. Choose Date. Select a date from Calendar to get Name Change Ad published in selected Bareilly newspaper.
  3. Draft the Ad. Write the Name Change ad in compose page. For help in drafting the Name Change ad refer Ad Samples for Bareilly Newspaper.
  4. Make Payment. To confirm the Name Change Ad booking in Bareilly newspaper, make the payment through various online / offline payment options.

On successful payment, the Name Change ad would get published in Bareilly newspaper.

Cost of Name Change Ad in Bareilly Newspapers

Below is the list of Newspapers in Bareilly along with the cost of Name Change Ad.

Name of Newspaper City Ad Rate
Times of India Bareilly Rs. 200 for 5 Line
Amar Ujala Bareilly Rs. 475 for 25 Word
Dainik Jagran Bareilly Rs. 900 for 5 Line
Hindustan Hindi Bareilly Rs. 250 for 5 Line
Inext Bareilly Rs. 660 for 25 Word

In Bareilly's top newspapers, Ad Rates for Name Change Classified Ads vary based on circulation. There are two types: Classified Text and Classified Display. Text Ads use simple text and are priced by lines/words. Enhancements like color and bold text are available for extra cost. Display Ads allow design customization with fonts and images. They're charged per sq. cm with size restrictions. Options include B/W or color, impacting costs.

FAQ's for Name Change Advertisement in Bareilly

A. Following are the leading Newspapers in Bareilly. You can get your name change ad published in any of these newspapers as per your choice.

Times of India, Amar Ujala, Dainik Jagran, Hindustan Hindi, Inext, and many more.

A: You can get your Name Change Ad published Tomorrow in Bareilly Newspapers if you are booking it before 12 noon. Most newspapers accept Name Change ads publishing for next day until 1 pm, one day in advance. You need to provide Affidavit copy to get the name change ad published.

A: Only an Affidavit soft copy is required to publish Name Change ad in newspapers of Bareilly. The affidavit document should have Old Name, New Name, Father's Name, Age, Address mentioned in it. This sould match with your Name Change Ad Content.

No. Newspapers Ad in Bareilly is just a part of Name Change process. It acts like a legal proof of document which needs to be submitted along with the Name Change application to the concern department.

Along with the copies of Newspaper in published in Bareilly you need to provide some other documents like Affidavit and some other forms to be filled and apply for Re-issue. For more information you can visit Passport Seva FAQ Page.

You need to purchase newspaper copy from your local newspaper vendor in Bareilly on the days of publishing your ad. Just inform newspaper name to the vendor a day before the publication date, so that they can make it available for you.

Certainly, you can cancel your reserved ad book for any newspaper in Bareilly until 12 noon the day before the publication date. A small cancellation fee will be deducted, and the remaining amount will be refunded to you.

Absolutely, we have a dedicated team in Bareilly to assist you while booking your Name Change ad in newspaper. You can get in touch with us via Phone: 8121003303 or ping us on Live Chat.

Advtanges of Publishing Name Change Ad in Bareilly Newspapers through Ads2Publish

At Ads2Publish, we simplify the process of booking your Name Change classified ad in Bareilly at the best rates. As a leading Newspaper Advertising Agency in Bareilly, we facilitate online bookings for Name Change Ads across various Indian newspapers. Our extensive network with newspapers in Bareilly enables us to provide you with the most cost-effective options for publishing Classified Ads through our user-friendly online platform.