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Name Change Ad in Newspaper

Details to be included in the Advertisement

The Name Change Ad should contain all the following details to ensure precision and correctness:

I have changed my name from Rahul to Rohit through Newspaper Ad
  1. Former name of the Advertiser
  2. Changed name of the Advertiser
  3. Father’s or Spouse’s name
  4. Age
  5. Address
  6. Affidavit Identification Number
  7. Affidavit Date
  8. Notary Public's Name who authenticated the affidavit

After filling all the above details the Ad should look like the following.

I {Old Name} S/o. {Father's Name} Age {x} Years, Address: {zzzz xx xx} has changed my Name from {Old Name} to {New Name} vide Affidavit Number {0000} dated {00.00.000} before Notary by {XXXX}

Purpose of publishing a Change of Name Notice in Newspaper

Copy of a printed Ad helps as a supporting proof of document for the following:

  • Altering government documents like Birth Certificate, Pan Card, Aadhaar Card, School Certificate etc.
  • Applying for change of name in Passport.
  • Altering Father's Name.
  • Post-marriage name change
  • Change in Surname after divorce.

Booking Ad in 2 publications is a must for getting name changed in Passport

Name Change Ad in Newspaper for Passport

When you are look to apply for change of name in passport, it is mandatory to publish an notice in two newspapers in the city you live in. The ad must include both the previous and the new names.

Specifically, one of the publication must be a nationally recognized daily, while the other may be a local daily published in local language.

Subsequently, the clipping of these advertisements, along with requisite supporting documents, must be submitted to the passport office for processing of your request.

Latest published Ads in Newspapers:

Online process of booking Name Change Ad

To get a your advertisement published in a newspaper, visit and follow these 6 steps: Process for Name Change Ad in Newspaper
  • Step 1. Get a Name Change Affidavit prepared and attested by a local vendor in your city.
  • Step 2. Now begin the online ad booking process by selecting your city from the list (e.g., Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore).
  • Step 3. Choose a Newspaper available in the selected city (e.g., Times of India, Indian Express, Navbharat Times).
  • Step 4. After choosing publication select date of ad publishing in the calendar.
  • Step 5. Fill your Ad details in the ad booking form.
  • Step 6. Complete the ad booking by make payment using Credit/Debit Cards, Net Banking, UPI. All payments are processed through a Secure Gateway.

After successful payment, an auto generated invoice with your Ad booking details will be sent to your registered email Id.

You need to share the copy of Affidavit to us. Send the scan copy or even a photograph taken from mobile to the same email id from which you have got the booking confirmation. Post editorial approval your ad would get published.

Don't forget to buy multiple copies of paper on the same day of publishing otherwise it would be difficult for you to get the copies later.


The cost of posting a ad in a newspaper can vary widely based on several factors, including the circulation, the city, the number of words or lines, and whether you choose to publish in a national or local newspaper.

Change of Name Ad cost in Indian publications:

City Price Range
Delhi Newspapers ₹ 200 - ₹ 1800
Mumbai Newspapers ₹ 250 - ₹ 1500
Bangalore Newspapers ₹ 305 - ₹ 1200
Chennai Newspapers ₹ 210 - ₹ 900
Kolkata Newspapers ₹ 250 - ₹ 800
Hyderabad Newspapers ₹ 250 - ₹ 1000

A: You can get your Name Change Ad published as early as tomorrow if you book it before 12 noon today.

Most publications typically accept Ad booking until 2 pm for next day publishing.

However, it's important to note that the cutoff times and procedures may slightly vary among different dalies.

Before booking your Change of Name Ad, ensure you have all the necessary documents ready, such as proof of identity and the affidavit.

A: To book a Change of Name Ad in a newspaper, you must provide a notarized affidavit issued by a notary or a local court, which should not be more than 6 months old.

Alternatively, you can submit a gazette copy published by the Department of Publication, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.

These documents serve as proof of the legal name change and are essential for publishing the advertisement. It's important to ensure that the affidavit or gazette copy is valid and up-to-date before submitting it for booking the ad.

A. Publishing a name change advertisement in a newspaper is typically a mandatory step in the legal process of changing one's name.

This serves as public notice and allows individuals to object to the name change if necessary.

It is essential to follow these guidelines to ensure the legality of the name change procedure in India.

A. Advertisement in two newspapers is required for a name change in a passport for several reasons:

Public Notification: Alerts the public about the name change, allowing for objections.

Legal Verification: Confirms compliance with name change procedures.

Documentation: Serves as proof of name change during passport application.

Regulatory Compliance: Meets government requirements for a legally valid name change.

A: Yes, All the newspapers listed on our website are approved by Passport officials and are considered valid proof without any concerns. You can choose any newspaper from our website regardless of its cost and submit it in the passport office.

We provide a digital copy of the newspaper on the date of publishing. But you obtain the physical newspaper copy from your local newspaper vendor on the days of publishing your ad.

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