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Name Change Ad in Newspaper

Why publish Name Change Ad in Newspapers?

Publishing a Change of Name Ad in newspaper is helpful while updating your new name post-marriage, after adoption, passport, correcting a spelling mistake in any document or any other legal reason.

The ad can serve as supporting evidence while changing your name in government IDs (Birth Certificate, Passport), Financial Institutions (Banks), and Educational Institutions (Mark Sheet, Certificate).

Additionally, a newspaper ad reaches wider audience, including those without internet access, and potentially serves as future legal proof of your publicly announced name change.

Announce your Name Change conveniently through Newspaper Ad

Now that you know a printed Name Change Ad offers a lasting record for official recognition and public awareness, it's time to easily book yours!

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Name Change Newspaper Ad Types:

Display Ad in Newspaper

1. Classified Display Ad:

This format is more visually appealing compared to a classified text format. Because you can include text along with a border, logo, or a small image in your Ad. You can use creativity to design the Display Ad to grab attention for your advertisement. Maximize your ad impact with display ad format, charged per square centimeter.

Classified Ad in Newspaper

2. Classified Text Ad:

Choosing this format would be the most affordable option where the name change ad publishes in simple running text in specific column of the newspaper. The advertisement is formatted in simple text by including your old name, new name, effective date of the name change, and your contact information. The prices are cheaper and are generally charged per word or line depending on the newspaper you choose.

Name Change Newspaper Ad Format:

For a flawless ad, include these essential details while drafting the ad format:

I have changed my name from Rahul to Rohit through Newspaper Ad
  1. Old Name of the applicant
  2. New Name of the applicant
  3. Father’s or Spouse’s name
  4. Age
  5. Address
  6. Affidavit Number
  7. Affidavit Date
  8. Name of the Notary person who authenticated the affidavit

By including these details you can ensure your name change announcement in the newspaper is clear, informative, and fulfills its intended purpose. The Ad format should look like the following:

I {Old Name} S/o. {Father's Name} Age {x} Years, Address: {Mention Full Address} has changed my Name from {Old Name} to {New Name} vide {Affidavit Number} dated {00.00.000} before Notary by {Name of the Notary Person}

Name Change Ad in Newspaper for Passport

Name Change Ad in Newspaper for Passport

When applying for change of name in passport, it is necessary to get the ad published in two newspapers in your city. 1 newspaper must be a national daily, and the other can be a local language newspaper.

The newspaper copy of these advertisements, along with the supporting documents are required to be submitted in the passport office while processing of your name change request.

For Example if your are looking to post your Ad in Delhi then you can choose the special 2 newspaper combo package. This cost saver combo includes The Times of India, a national daily newspaper and Navbharat Times, a local language daily newspaper. It is a cost effective package which is priced around ₹1250 for a 5 lines ad.

Name Change Newspaper Ad Samples:

How to give Name Change Ad in Newspaper?

Process for Name Change Ad in Newspaper
Follow the below 6 easy steps process to get your advertisement published in a newspaper through trusted online Newspaper Ad Booking Agency.
  • Step 1. Obtain your name change affidavit prepared and attested by a local vendor in your city. This document is required to be submitted to the publication.
  • Step 2. Choose a city from the given list (e.g., Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore) where you wish to publish your ad.
  • Step 3. Select a publication from variety of reputable newspapers available in your chosen location (e.g., Times of India, Indian Express, Navbharat Times).
  • Step 4. Select the available date for your ad to be published in the newspaper.
  • Step 5. Fill out the simple ad booking form in the prescribed format or view Ad samples for reference.
  • Step 6. It's easy and secure to finalize your ad booking! Choose your preferred payment method – Credit/Debit card, Net Banking, or UPI. All transactions are processed through a secure gateway for your peace of mind.

After successful payment, an auto generated invoice with your Ad booking details will be sent to your registered email Id.

Just share us the Affidavit copy (scan or photo) so that we can process your ad for publishing.

Avoid the inconvenience of finding copies later. Buy multiple newspapers on publishing day.


A. Every newspaper charge different cost for publishing Name Change Ad. The cost varies depending on various factors including circulation, city, number of words or lines used.

To get the actual cost click on the desired city from the list above. A list of Newspapers along with there cost will be displayed.

But just to give you an idea, here's a range of estimated costs for Change of Name Ad in newspaper for various cities in India:

City Price Range
Delhi Newspapers ₹ 200 - ₹ 1800
Mumbai Newspapers ₹ 250 - ₹ 1500
Bangalore Newspapers ₹ 305 - ₹ 1200
Chennai Newspapers ₹ 210 - ₹ 900
Kolkata Newspapers ₹ 250 - ₹ 800
Hyderabad Newspapers ₹ 250 - ₹ 1000

A: Most of the Newspapers accepts Name Change Ad booking 2 days before the publishing date, but at book your ad online before 12 noon and get it published the next day.

Important Note: Cutoff times for some newspapers might vary. Therefore, check the next available date while book your ad. Before booking your Name Change Ad, ensure you have all the necessary documents ready, such as proof of identity and the affidavit.

A: To publish a Change of Name Ad in newspaper, a notarized affidavit is required which should be issued by a notary or a local court. The affidavit should not be more than 6 months old. You can also submit a copy of Gazette with your notification published by the Department of Publication, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.

Any of these documents are accepted as a proof for publishing your advertisement in newspaper. While submitting this documents make sure to check the validity of the document.

A. Yes, to update your new name in legal documents like Aadhar, Pan Card or Passport, a copy of name change ad published in newspaper needs to be attested while submitting the application.

A. While submitting your name change application in Indian Passport offices, it is required to provide the copy of Name Change Ads published in 2 newspapers which ensures wider reach. This includes 1 National Daily and 1 Local Language Newspaper.

A: Yes, there are many newspapers listed on which offers low cost of publishing name change ad. All the newspapers listed on are accepted by Passport officials and are considered ad a valid proof without any concerns. Therefore, can choose any newspaper from from the list regardless of its cost and submit it in the passport office.

A. We provide a digital copy of the newspaper on the date of publishing. But you obtain the physical newspaper copy from your local newspaper vendor on the days of publishing your ad.

List of Newspapers to book Name Change Ad:

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