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Classified Ad in Newspaper

Classified Ad in Newspaper

Experience the convenience of booking Classified Ad online for newspapers in India! They are published in simple text format in specific headings such as Jobs, Real Estate, Cars, Matrimonial, Name Change, Obituary. Services, and other. They generally provides essential information about what's being offered or required and how to get in touch with the advertiser.

Simply click on the 'Book Now' button and get your ad published in any Indian daily easily.

Display Ad in Newspaper

Display Ad in Newspaper

Display Ads are visually engaging, charged based on size and placement. Benefits include:

Visual Impact: Allows creative designs with images, colors, logos, and bold fonts.

Brand Visibility: Builds brand recognition with prominent logo and tagline features.

Message Variety: Offers flexibility to convey detailed information about products and services.

Customization: Can be customized in size, layout, and design for a unique advertisement.

Prominence: Often placed in prime positions for greater exposure.

Therefore, opt for Classified Ads for specific needs. Choose Display Ads for creative impact, brand visibility, and tailored product showcases within your budget.

How to book an Advertisement in Newspaper?

Posting an ad in newspaper was once challenging and tedious job, but offers simple online ad booking option

Here is a simple 6 steps process for booking newspaper advertisement online.

  1. Start booking ad by selecting Ad format, Classified Text or Classified Display.
  2. Next, select your preferred Ad category.
  3. Choose a Publication from the list and then pick up an edition.
  4. Now you will have to select the date of publication from the calendar.
  5. After date is selected you need to write your ad content in the text editor.
  6. Finally, you need to make payment through Card, Internet Banking, or UPI or you can also choose offline payment mode.

After you complete the booking process your ad will publish on the chosen date.

Advertisement in Newspaper Online Booking

Why Advertise in Newspaper?

It one of the most cost effective form of marketing and it can help you in many ways. Some of the key features are:

  1. Cost-effective: Reach many people at an affordable price.
  2. Local and National Reach: Advertise locally or across the country.
  3. Blend with Content: Newspaper ads seamlessly blend with the content.
  4. Higher Recall Value: Newspaper ads have a higher recall value.
  5. Easy to Understand: Simple for all ages to comprehend.
  6. Trustworthy: Many people trust newspapers, making your message more credible.
  7. Different Ad Types: Choose from various ad types to suit your needs.
  8. Target Specific Audiences: Reach specific groups easily.
  9. Quick Publication: Ads can be published the next day.

Newspaper advertising in India is a smart way to reach people. It's easy, affordable, and can reach a lot of people.

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Generally most of the publications in India accepts ad booking 1 day prior to the date of publishing. That means you can book your ad even a day prior to the date of release. But some of them accepts 2 days prior to publishing date. The date availability would be shown in the Calendar while online ad booking.

Drafting an effective Classified Ad for newspaper is essential for getting positive responses. Incomplete or incorrect writing may waste your time and money.

Be Direct. Don't use extra words just for the sake of it. Keep it to the point. Make your newspaper ad with all important details to let readers know exactly what to expect.

Keep It Simple. When advertising in a newspaper, use clear and simple language. It helps readers understand and take action. Avoid confusing jargon that might your ad difficult to understand to many people.

Shorten Your Message. Use fewer words to get your point across. Short ads work well for Classifieds. This keeps your newspaper ad concise and saves money.

Use Abbreviations. Abbreviations save money and are often understood. For instance, "B2B" for Business-to-Business is clear to your target audience.

Use Fewer Words. Since you pay for each word or line, use as few as possible. This is especially useful for contact details. For example, use "Bx 6" instead of "Post Office Box 6."

Include complete details. We have observed numerous instances when advertisers neglect to add full information while writing their Classified ad. Sometimes they fail to provide contact information or information that the advertising would be meaningless without. So, before submitting your ad, double-check all of the information.

Below are the charges of advertising in popular Indian daily publications:

English dailies

  • Times of India ₹ 150 for 5 Lines
  • The Hindu ₹ 175 for 2 Lines
  • Deccan Chronicle ₹ 500 for 20 Words
  • Hindustan Times ₹ 300 for 5 Lines
  • The Tribune ₹ 750 for 15 Words
  • Indian Express ₹ 350 for 20 Words

Hindi dailies

  • Dainik Jagran ₹ 350 for 5 Lines
  • Dainik Bhaskar ₹ 231 for 20 Words
  • Rajasthan Patrika ₹ 180 for 20 Words
  • Amar Ujala ₹ 350 for 25 Words
  • Navbharat Times ₹ 350 for 5 Lines
  • Hindustan Hindi ₹ 250 for 5 Lines

Malayalam dailies

  • Malayala Manorama ₹ 684 for 10 Words
  • Mathrubhumi ₹ 700 for 10 Words

Marathi dailies

  • Lokmat ₹ 200 for 4 Lines
  • Sakal ₹ 500 for 5 Lines
  • Maharashtra Times ₹ 350 for 5 Lines

Gujarati dailies

  • Gujarat Samachar ₹ 200 for 10 Words
  • Divya Bhaskar ₹ 200 for 10 Words

Telugu dailies

  • Eenadu ₹ 260 for 5 Lines
  • Sakshi ₹ 300 for 4 Lines
  • Namasthe Telangana ₹ 250 for 4 Lines

Tamil dailies

  • Dina Thanthi ₹ 250 for 3 Lines
  • Dinakaran ₹ 250 for 4 Lines

Kannada dailies

  • Vijay Karnataka ₹ 200 for 5 Lines
  • Prajavani ₹ 1050 for 15 words

Yes, through Ads2Publish's online Booking Platform you can book your ad for multiple publications at a time at no extra cost. You just need to select required publication from the list and start booking.

We have various payment options available. You can pay through Credit, Debit Card, Internet Banking or through UPI. By any chance if you don't have these options then you can select Offline booking option and get the amount deposited in our bank account. The details of our Bank Account would be shared to you through the ad booking confirmation email.

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Book Ad in 3 Steps

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Discounted rates for 200+ publications!

Discounted rates for 200+ publications!

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Pay via Online & Offline Payment Options