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Recruitments Ad Cost:

Divya Bhaskar Bhavnagar

Rs. 200 / 10 Words


If you're looking to advertise a Recruitments in Divya Bhaskar Newspaper, don't delay! The deadline to submit Ad is 2 pm today for Bhavnagar edition. Call us on +918121003003 for further assistance.

Special Packages for Recruitments Ad in Divya Bhaskar Bhavnagar :

  • Divya Bhaskar ALL GUJARAT Editions

    Cities Covered: Ahmedabad, Baroda, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Surat

    Package Cost: Rs. 1,550 / 10 Words

Release Recruitment Classified Ad in Divya Bhaskar Bhavnagar Newspaper

When it comes to finding the right people for jobs, the Divya Bhaskar Bhavnagar Newspaper is a great choice. This newspaper is very popular in Bhavnagar and is well-liked by the people there. They enjoy reading the news and stories in it. Lots of people prefer reading newspapers more than other things, so if you put your job ads in this newspaper, many people will see them.

If you want your organization to grow and do well, you need to hire the right people. You can do this by putting job ads in the Divya Bhaskar Bhavnagar Newspaper. This helps you find the perfect people for the jobs you have. Many people read the Divya Bhaskar, so you can reach lots of skilled people. You can choose different types of ads like Classified, Classified Display, and Display ads to find the best talent.

If you're seeking to publish a Recruitment Classified Ad in Divya Bhaskar Bhavnagar Newspaper, you're in the right spot. It's easy to put your job ads in the Divya Bhaskar Bhavnagar Newspaper. With Ads2publish, booking your Recruitment classified ad at the most affordable rates in Divya Bhaskar Bhavnagar Newspaper is simple. You just need to click a few times, and it's not expensive. This way, lots of people will see your ads, and your organization can hire best employees.

How are Rates charged for Recruitments advertisement in Divya Bhaskar for Bhavnagar city?

If you are looking to post Recruitments Ad in Bhavnagar Newspapers then Divya Bhaskar can be an ideal choice. There are two Ad options available: Classified Text Ads and Classified Display Ads. The cost is different for both ad types.

Classified Text Ads are simple text ads charged based on the number of lines or words used for Recruitments category. You can make your ad stand out in Divya Bhaskar newspaper by adding enhancements like background color, bold text, or tick marks for an additional cost.

Classified Display Ads allow you to design your ad with different fonts, images, and logos. These ads are charged based on the size in square centimeters for Bhavnagar edition. However, there are minimum and maximum height and width restrictions. You can also choose between black and white or color Recruitments advertisements, with costs varying accordingly.

Recruitments Advertising in Divya Bhaskar Bhavnagar Newspaper FAQ's:

A. You will have to book the Recruitments Ad 2 days prior for publishing on Saturday & Sunday in Divya Bhaskar Bhavnagar Newspaper. And for other weekdays Recruitments Ads are accepted 1 day prior also.

A. Other than Divya Bhaskar, following are the newspapers in which you can post Recruitments Ad in Bhavnagar.

Gujarat Samachar, Divya Bhaskar, Sandesh, newspapers are published from Bhavnagar city.

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Choose other leading Newspapers for Recruitments Ad in Bhavnagar along with Divya Bhaskar

If you are looking for larger impact for Recruitments Ad in Bhavnagar then why not advertise in other popular newspapers in Bhavnagar. Following is the list of Newspapers for which you can check cost and book your ad through Ads2Publish.com.