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Rs. 330 / 4 Lines

All Edition

Rs. 7,080 / 4 Lines


Rs. 875 / 4 Lines


Rs. 200 / 4 Lines


Rs. 575 / 4 Lines


Rs. 300 / 4 Lines


Rs. 290 / 4 Lines


Rs. 1,060 / 4 Lines


Rs. 300 / 4 Lines


Rs. 870 / 4 Lines


Rs. 850 / 4 Lines


Rs. 830 / 4 Lines


Rs. 275 / 4 Lines

Book Vehicles Classified Display Ad in Lokmat for the following cities


Rs. 105 / Sq. Cm.


Rs. 805 / Sq. Cm.


Rs. 175 / Sq. Cm.


Rs. 230 / Sq. Cm.


Rs. 550 / Sq. Cm.


Rs. 435 / Sq. Cm.


Rs. 780 / Sq. Cm.


Rs. 440 / Sq. Cm.


Rs. 1,800 / Sq. Cm.


Rs. 245 / Sq. Cm.

Cost of Vehicles Ad in Lokmat:

Edition Ad Cost

Lokmat Akola

₹ 330 for 4 Lines

Lokmat All Edition

₹ 7,080 for 4 Lines

Lokmat Aurangabad

₹ 875 for 4 Lines

Lokmat Goa

₹ 200 for 4 Lines

Lokmat Jalgaon

₹ 575 for 4 Lines

Lokmat Kokan

₹ 300 for 4 Lines

Lokmat Kolhapur

₹ 290 for 4 Lines

Lokmat Mumbai

₹ 1,060 for 4 Lines

Lokmat Nagar

₹ 300 for 4 Lines

Lokmat Nagpur

₹ 870 for 4 Lines

Lokmat Nashik

₹ 850 for 4 Lines

Lokmat Pune

₹ 830 for 4 Lines

Lokmat Solapur

₹ 275 for 4 Lines

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Cost of Lokmat Vehicles Classified Ad

Vehicles Ad in Lokmat Classified Column are Charged per Word / Line for Classified Text Ad. And for Classified Display Ad they are charged in Rupees per Square Centimetre in Lokmat Newspaper.

The Rates for Vehicles Classified Ads vary for every edition of Lokmat. You can check the rates listed above.

You can choose some enhancement options available for Lokmat Vehicles Classified Text Ad. Add Bold, Tick Mark or Background Colour to your Vehicles Ad at some extra cost to get highlighted.

Try to keep your Vehicles Ad Content short while advertising in Lokmat. An Elaborated Vehicles Classified Ad would cost more in Lokmat.

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