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Lokmat Classifieds

Lokmat Classifieds Ad Booking

Cost-Effective Ads: Lokmat Classifieds offer budget-friendly options for Property, Jobs, Matrimonial, and more.

Quick Online Booking: Easily place your ad online for swift Lokmat classified bookings.

Targeted Reach: Ideal for specific needs, reach the audience actively seeking your offerings through Lokmat.

Authentic Responses: Experience rapid engagement and genuine responses with Lokmat Classifieds.

Lokmat Newspaper Epaper

Lokmat Classifieds Online Booking:

Booking classified ads in Lokmat newspapers has never been easier. Follow these straightforward steps for quick online booking:

Step 1: Choose Your Classified Ad Category. Pick the category that best suits your ad, whether it's real estate, jobs, services, or more.

Step 2: Select the City or Edition. Specify the city or edition of Lokmat where you want your ad to appear. Reach your desired audience effectively.

Step 3: Compose Your Ad, select date and Make Payment. Compose your ad with the necessary details – concise and engaging. Then, proceed to make a secure online payment.

Publishing Page:Lokmat Classifieds
Publishing Days:All days, (Sunday to Saturday)
Ad Booking Deadline:1 day Prior for all Classifieds
2 days Prior for
Matrimonial & Property Ads.
To be booked before 11:30 am
Accepted Ad Categories:Matrimonial, Recruitment, Property Sale & Rent, Name Change, Obituary, Lost Found, Automotives, Business and Services
Hurry Up. Book your classifieds ad in Lokmat Newspaper. Booking closes soon for the next edition. Book Now and get instant Confirmation.

How to book an Ad in Lokmat Newspaper?

Follow the given procedure at Ads2publish to book ad in Lokmat for both classified and Display Category.
  1. Choose Ad Category from the given list to book your ad in Lokmat newspaper.
  2. Select individual City or Package Ad Rate available in Lokmat.
  3. Select Date of your ad to be posted in Lokmat from the Calendar.
  4. Draft your Ad to know the exact cost of Lokmat Ad.
  5. Finally, register & pay online for your ad booking in in Lokmat through Debit Cards, Credit Cards or Net Banking.

Looks easy right? So through this simple process view it in Lokmat newspaper. On making successful payment you will receive an booking confirmation email along with GST Invoice for your spending on advertisement.

What is the cost of Advertisement in Lokmat?

The Cost of Advertising in Lokmat starts from Rs. 300 and goes as high as Rs. 15 Lakhs.

The cost varies depending on the advertising option and the city you choose for Lokmat.

Classifieds are charged per Word/Line, where as the rates for Display Ads are charged in Rupees per square centimeter for Lokmat.

The rates again vary for every page. For example, there is a premium charged for Advertising in Lokmat on Front Page, Back Page or Page 3.

So to know the exact cost for your advertisement Click here

Can I get a Discount for Advertising in Lokmat?

Yes, There are various discounts and packages offered for Lokmat Newspaper.

The offers are listed on Lokmat Advertising Category Page here

Further to this Ads2publish offers extra 5% Discount if booked online for Lokmat newspaper. Use Code "PROMO2013" at Lokmat Booking Preview Page to get the discount.

Which is the best day to post ad in Lokmat Newspaper?

Sunday is the most popular day for Classifieds in Lokmat newspaper.

Property Ads are advertised on Saturday and Sunday.

All other ads are advertised as per the need of advertiser.

Can I Cancel my booked ad in Lokmat?

Absolutely, you have the option to cancel your booked advertisement in the Lokmat. However, this cancellation should be done before 12 noon two days prior the scheduled publication date. Keep in mind that a minor cancellation fee will be subtracted from the total cost, and the remaining amount will be refunded to you.

Is Ad Design Assistance available When I book a Display Ad in Lokmat?

Absolutely, when you book a display ad in the Lokmat through our service, we offer you a complimentary ad designing service. Prior to finalizing and releasing the ad, we ensure to obtain your approval for the design. This way, we make sure the ad meets your expectations and aligns with your message before it goes for publishing in Lokmat Newspaper.

Lokmat Newspaper Advertising

Lokmat Display Ad Rates
Display Ad Rates
Hello City Ad Rates
Hello City Ad Rates
Lokmat Aspire Appointment Ad Rates
Recruitment Ad Rates
Lokmat Obituary Ad Rates
Lokmat Obituary Ad Rates
Lokmat Property Ad Rates
Lokmat Property Ad Rates
Lokmat Education Ad Rates
Lokmat Education Ad Rates
Lokmat Public Notice Ad Rates
Public Notice Ad Rates
Lokmat Tender Notice Ad Rates
Tender Notice Ad Rates

Lokmat Classifieds Ad Rates:

For Lokmat Classifieds, the base cost covers 4 Lines, with additional Line incurring extra charges. The maximum word limit is 20 Lines. Enhancements like Bold text or Tick Marks are available for added fees. Here are the charges for various Ad Categories.

Ad Rates for Rate Starting from
Lokmat Matrimonial Ad Rs. 275/- for 4 Lines
Lokmat Recruitment Ad Rs. 290/- for 4 Lines
Lokmat Property Sale Ad Rs. 290/- for 4 Lines
Lokmat Property Rent Ad Rs. 200/- for 4 Lines
Lokmat Business Ad Rs. 320/- for 4 Lines
Lokmat Name Change Ad Rs. 200/- for 4 Lines
Lokmat Vehicle Sale Ad Rs. 275/- for 4 Lines
Lokmat Lost Found Ad Rs. 200/- for 4 Lines

About Lokmat Marathi Newspaper

Lokmat Marathi Newspaper holds a significant place in the world of news, especially in Maharashtra. It brings together a mix of news, opinions, and stories that catch the attention of people living in various cities like Nagpur, Mumbai, and Pune. It all began in 1971 when Jawaharlal Darda started this newspaper in Nagpur, and since then, it has become widely known and respected.

What's really cool is that a lot of people enjoy reading Lokmat – around 5.9 million of them! This makes it one of the top newspapers in India. It's not just any newspaper, though – it's the most popular Marathi newspaper, with about 1.4 million copies being picked up every single day. That's a lot of newspapers!

Lokmat isn't only in Marathi. It also has versions in English and Hindi, known as Lokmat Times and Lokmat Samachar. This means it talks to people in different languages, making sure more people can understand what's going on in the world.

Think of Lokmat as more than just pieces of paper with words and pictures. It's like a friend that helps people know what's happening around them and gives them a space to share their thoughts. It's a pretty big deal when it comes to connecting with people and making sure everyone is on the same page.

Imagine Lokmat as a bridge. It brings people closer by letting them know what's important, and it also gives them a way to talk about things that matter to them. So, whether you're in a bustling city or a quiet town, Lokmat is there, making sure you're in the loop and part of the bigger conversation.

Benefits of Advertising in Lokmat Marathi Newspaper:

Lokmat Marathi Classified Epaper

Advertising in Lokmat Marathi Newspaper: Connecting with Maharashtra's Communities

Reaching Marathi-Speaking Readers:

Credibility and Popularity:

Tailored Messages for Language Preferences:

Diverse Advertising Options:

Engaging Local Communities:

Cost-Effective Impact:

Advertising in Lokmat Marathi Newspaper offers a straightforward way to connect with Marathi-speaking communities. This provides a cost-effective and reliable platform to effectively reach Marathi readers across Maharashtra's cities through Lokmat Newspaper.

There are various advertising option in Lokmat Newspaper. Choose the advertising option according to your requirement. Lokmat Classified Column is popular for Matrimonial, Property, Recruitment (Jobs), Name Change, Services, Lost Found advertisements. Book your classified ads in Lokmat Newspaper. Classifieds Column in Lokmat publishes every day in the Newspaper but the response are more for Matrimonial Ads on Sunday, Property, Rental Ads on Saturday and Sunday, Recruitment Ads and Name Change Ads on all days.

Reasons to Book Advertisement in Lokmat through offers a convenient and user-friendly Newspaper Ad Booking platform which enables to book ads for Lokmat, saving your valuable time with quick and easy online process.

Get your Ad booked easily from single point for Lokmat Aurangabad, Nagpur, Jalgaon, Nashik, Mumbai, Kolhapur, Akola, Solapur, Pune, Goa, Kokan, Nagar, editions.

Transparent pricing, secure payment options, and professional assistance further enhance the experience, ensuring a seamless Lokmat Ad Booking journey from start to finish.

With advertisers can reach their target audience effectively by Booking Ads in leading newspapers like Times of India, Deccan Chronicle, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, The Tribune, Dainik Bhaskar, Dainik Jagran, Eenadu, Sakal, Lokmat, Malayala Manorama, Gujarat Samachar and more on single platform.