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Book Matrimonial Ad in Navbharat Times through Two Effective Ad Formats:

Classified Text Ads: Our most cost-effective option. Your Matrimonial ad will appear in simple running text format with optional enhancements like bold font, background color, borders, and tick marks. Perfect for a concise and targeted message in Navbharat Times newspaper.

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Post Matrimonial Ad in Navbharat Times Newspaper!

Find your perfect match in Delhi! Place your Wanted Bride or Wanted Groom ad in Navbharat Times, the leading Hindi newspaper a having reach in Delhi, Lucknow and Mumbai. Reach millions of readers every Sunday and increase your chances of finding lasting love.

A: You can book your Matrimonial Ad in Navbharat Times Newspaper up 2 pm, 2 days before its publication date. So if the publishing day is Sunday then you will have to book it before Friday 2 pm.

A:When you're ready to place your Matrimonial Ad in Navbharat Times, you have the option to write it in either Hindi or English - whichever you prefer. To make your ad really stand out, make sure to include key details like age, height, and contact information for the person you're looking for. You can also mention specific things like if you're divorced, an NRI, have a physical disability, your religion, caste, or if you're open to matches from any background. Don't forget to highlight your educational and professional qualifications, occupation, salary, and where you live - these details can help attract the right matches.

A: Following are the discounted price packages for matrimonial Ads :

Navbharat Times Ghunghat Matrimonial Ad Costs Rs. 1450 for minimum 5 Lines and Rs. 290 for every additional Line.

Note: When you're drafting your matrimonial ad for The Navbharat Times newspaper - try to keep it under 20 lines. The publication doesn't accept classified ads that exceed this limit.

Navbharat Times is a well-known Hindi daily newspaper that is widely circulated in cities like Delhi, Lucknow, and Mumbai.

A: You need to make the payment in advance if you want to book slot of your matrimonial ad in Navbharat Times Newspaper.

  1. ब्राह्मण (भट्ट) 29/56* 12वी पास तलाकशुदा अपना बिजनेस, मकान, रेंटल इनकम 5 LPA हेतु सुशिल वधु चाहिए पिता Retd. सैन्य Offr सभी ब्राह्मण मान्य #935XX XXXXX
  2. A suitable match required for a Manglik Arora boy. BCom MBA Accounts Executive Nov 1993 born. 844XX XXXXX
  3. SM4, our Son, 36, 5'7", Arora, Engr., 22 LPA, Workg., with MNC Mumbai, 9819819825/9833499981,
  4. जाट, 50/511, दिल्ली निवासी, आमदनी 10 लाख सालाना, हेतु विधवा, बिना बच्चे वाली वधु चाहिए जातिबंधन नहीं । संपर्क करे #798XX XXXXX
  5. SM for H'some boy 6'1"/Feb89 BFA(DU) Design Manager MNC Gurgaon 18Lpa looking for homely/working in Delhi/NCR 750XX XXXXX
  6. जातिबंधन नहीं, 32/56", कुशवाहा, डिवोस ( अल्पावधि विवाह ), 9.5LPA, मीडिया प्रोफेशनल, पुणे जॉब, विधवा डिवोर्सी उम्र बड़ी मान्य, मैब्यूरो क्षमा, 992XX XXXXX
  7. मुंबई निवासी 60 वर्षीय, M.Com, डिप्लोमा बिजनेस मैनेजमेंट कॉरपोरेट ट्रेनर, १ लाख, 5-10", तलाकशुदा, निःसंतान, पंजाबी वर हेतु शाकाहारी वधू चाहिए। दहेज नहीं। 094XX XXXXX
  1. Gr Br fair girl 5'7"/90 NET qlfd Head at rep research & educational institution DLI seeks well settled VEG PQM in Delhi NCR, send BHP-858XX XXXXX
  2. श्रीवास्तव कन्या, जून 90 आशिक मंगली 52 MOT, NCR स्कूल में कार्यरत ऑक्यूपेशनल थेरपिस्ट हेतु दिल्ली NCW लखनऊ निवासी B. Tech/M.Tech/ MBA कार्यरत सुयोग्य वर चाहिए। 986XX XXXXX
  3. पासवान (दुसाध) य पासी 28/5"3 सुंदरगोरी BA पास प्रथम श्रेणी कन्या हेतु वर चाहिए पिता भाई सरकारी सेवारत लखनऊ को वरीता (W)875XX XXXXX
  4. Delhi based Sunni business family seeks match for two daughters, 31,5'6",PG & 27,5'4",graduate. Preferably NRI/South Delhi.Cnt:965XX XXXXX
  6. SM for CA Rajput Girl 5'1 Dehradun 14/6/1993 10:10am. Working in Gurgaon 25LPA. Present location Chandigarh. 700XX XXXXX
  7. Looking Groom for Preeti Jaiswal, Working as S/W Developer, DOB:-22-02-1989, 11 LPA, Delhi Based Girl. ph:730XX XXXXX

To get a relevant response for your matrimonial ad, choosing the right sub heading is very important. The Classified page is always filled with full of Matrimonial advertisements for every Sunday edition. That's why for the convenience of readers the Navbharat Times provides the option of choosing various sub-heads.

Following are the Main Headings

  • Wanted Bride (वधू चाहिए)
  • Wanted Groom (वर चाहिए)

Following are the Sub Headings By Caste:

  • Agarwal - Bisa
  • Brahmin
  • Chaurasia
  • Garhwali
  • Gujar
  • Jain
  • Jaiswal
  • Jatav
  • Kashyap
  • Kayastha
  • Khatri
  • Kshatriya
  • Kumauni
  • Kurmi
  • Kushwaha
  • Maheshwari
  • Sahu-Teli
  • Saini
  • Swarnkar
  • Tamil Iyer
  • Vaish
  • Vaishnav
  • Valmiki
  • Yadav

Following are the Sub Headings By Community:

  • Agarwal
  • Arora
  • Bhumihar
  • Jat
  • Keralite
  • Maratha
  • Marwaris
  • North Indian
  • Rajput

Following are the Sub Headings By Profession:

  • Architect
  • Chef
  • Doctors
  • Engineers
  • Government/ Defence
  • IAS/ Allied Services
  • Journalist

Following are the Sub Headings By Religion:

  • Buddhist
  • Christan
  • Hindu
  • Muslim
  • Sikh

Following are the Sub Headings By General:

  • Caste No Bar
  • Civil Marriage
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Disabled/ Handicapped
  • HIV Positive
  • Manglik
  • Religion No Bar
  • SC/ST
  • Second Marriage

Following are the Sub Headings By Language:

  • Assamese
  • Bengali
  • Gujarati
  • Himachali
  • Malayali
  • Marathi/Konkani
  • Oriya
  • Punjabi
  • Sindhi
  • Tamil
  • Telugu

Following are the Sub Headings By Nationality:

  • Nri/Green Card

Navbharat Times Matrimonial Ad Cost:

Edition Ad Rate


₹ 1,450 for 5 Lines


₹ 1,450 for 5 Lines


₹ 1,450 for 5 Lines

Specifications for publishing Matrimonial Ad in Navbharat Times Newspaper:

Publishing Page:Navbharat Times Classifieds
Publishing Day:Popular on Sunday
Accepted Headings:Wanted Bride and Wanted Groom
If you wish to post a Matrimonial Ad in Navbharat Times for this Sunday, make sure to book it online before 12 noon on Friday; otherwise, your ad will be accepted for the next week only.

Who should place Matrimonial Ad in Navbharat Times

Navbharat Times Matrimonial Ad Booking If you're looking for a perfect groom or bride, putting up a matrimonial ad in Navbharat Times newspaper can help a lot. For finding a groom, use the Wanted Groom column, and for a bride, use the Wanted Bride Classified column in Navbharat Times newspaper.

You can also specify preferences like language, profession, religion, or nationality to get relevant responses for you Marriage Ad. People have got good responses from their ads in Navbharat Times, as confirmed by those who've advertised it before.

So, if you want to find the right match, consider placing your Matrimonial Classified Ad in Navbharat Times!

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