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Are you looking to post Matrimonial Ad in Sakal Newspaper? Then Follow few simple steps to book Matrimonial Ad at lowest rates through this website. Review Matrimonial Ad Rates & cost of special packages available in Sakal Newspaper. Avail Special Discounts and Offers for Classified Ads only through online booking at Ads2publish.

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Matrimonial Ad Charges:


Rs. 500 / 5 Line


Rs. 500 / 4 Line


Rs. 500 / 5 Line


Rs. 600 / 10 Line


Rs. 500 / 5 Line


Rs. 500 / 5 Line


Rs. 1,300 / 6 Line


Rs. 500 / 5 Line


Rs. 500 / 5 Line

Sakal Matrimonial Discounted Ad Packages for 2019:

  • Sakal Gold - Aurangabad + Nashik + Khandesh

    Cities Covered: Aurangabad + Nashik + Khandesh

    Matrimonial Package Cost: Rs. 1,400.00 / 5 Line

  • Sakal Platinum - Pune + Solapur + Satara

    Cities Covered: Pune + Solapur + Satara

    Matrimonial Package Cost: Rs. 1,600.00 / 5 Line

  • Sakal Bronze - Ahmednagar + Aurangabad + Nashik

    Ahmednagar + Aurangabad + Nashik (Sakal)

    Matrimonial Package Cost: Rs. 1,600.00 / 5 Line

  • Sakal Silver - Pune + Mumbai

    Cities Covered: Pune + Mumbai

    Matrimonial Package Cost: Rs. 1,750.00 / 6 Line

  • Sakal Diamond - Pune + Mumbai + Aurangabad

    Cities Covered: Pune + Mumbai + Aurangabad

    Matrimonial Package Cost: Rs. 2,500.00 / 6 Line

  • SaKal - All Editions

    Cities Covered: Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Khandesh, Kolhapur, Mumbai, Nagpur, Nashik, Pune, Satara and Solapur.

    Matrimonial Package Cost: Rs. 5,500.00 / 5 Line

Book Matrimonial Classified Display Ad in Sakal for the following cities


Rs. 95 / Sq. Cm.


Rs. 85 / Sq. Cm.


Rs. 260 / Sq. Cm.


Rs. 115 / Sq. Cm.


Rs. 100 / Sq. Cm.


Rs. 100 / Sq. Cm.


Rs. 630 / Sq. Cm.


Rs. 70 / Sq. Cm.

Sakal Matrimonial Advertisement:

Matrimonial Ad in Sakal are popular because of its reach and response from the newspaper. Matrimonial Ad in Sakal are posted by people who are searching for Bride or Groom for a Marriage proposal.

Publishing Sakal Matrimonial Ad last only for one day but the reach is very high so as the response through it.

Post your Matrimonial Ad on Sunday in Sakal newspaper to get the best milage.

How to Book Matrimonial Ad in Sakal Newspaper through this website?

  1. Choose a Matrimonial Ad Package or City to publish in Sakal Newspaper.
  2. Select Publishing Date of your Matrimony Ad in Sakal.
  3. Proceed to Draft your Sakal Matrimony Ad. [Ad Samples available for reference].
  4. Review your Ad Booking & Register to make payment for your Matrimonial Ad in Sakal Newspaper.
  5. To confirm Sakal Matrimonial Ad Booking pay through Credit / Debit Card or Internet Banking.

On successful payment an email with Sakal Matrimonial Ad Booking Confirmation will be sent to your email id.

That's it! Now check your Matrimony Ad published in Sakal Newspaper under Matrimonial Classified column on the selected date. You can view your Matrimonial Ad on Sakal Epaper also.

Sakal Matrimonial Classifieds Advertisement booking details:

Sakal Ad
Publishing Day Sub Headings Booking Deadline Circulation
Sakal Matrimonial Classifieds Booking Matrimonial Classified Page Popular on Sunday Wanted Groom
Wanted Bride
2 days in Advance. All Cities where Sakal Newspaper is Circulated.
Hurry Up. Book your Matrimonial Ad in Sakal Newspaper. Booking closes soon for this Sunday edition. Book Now and get instant Confirmation.

Cost of Sakal Matrimonial Classified Ad

Matrimonial Ad in Sakal Classified Column are Charged per Word / Line for Classified Text Ad. And for Classified Display Ad they are charged in Rupees per Square Centimeter in Sakal Newspaper.

The Rates for Matrimonial Classified Ads vary for every edition of Sakal. You can check the rates listed above.

You can choose some enhancement options available for Sakal Matrimonial Classified Text Ad. Add Bold, Tick Mark or Background Colour to your Matrimonial Ad at some extra cost to get highlighted.

Try to keep your Matrimonial Ad Content short while advertising in Sakal. An Elaborated Matrimonial Classified Ad would cost more in Sakal.

Giving Matrimonial Advertisement in Classified Column of Sakal newspaper is still a best option to find suitable Bride or Groom for your loved once. Matrimonial Advertisement in Sakal Newspaper gives you an unique option to invite suitable alliances for a perfect life partner & a successful marriage.

Matrimonial Classifieds in Sakal published on every Sunday. Even if they accept on other days also we suggest you to book your ad for Sunday because the response is much better on Sunday.

Tips to write Matrimonial Ad for Sakal Newspaper

To Get maximum response from your Matrimonial advertisement in Sakal draft your advertisement effectively. Follow the below tips to write your matrimonial advertisement effectively.

  • Use understandable abbreviations in order reduce the number of characters while composing your ad matter to reduce the cost of advertisement. Abbreviations for words like Suitable Match for - SM4, Professionally Qualified Match - PQM, Biodata/Horoscope/Photograph - BHP, Beautiful - B'ful, Educated - Edu, Engineer - Engr., Handsome - H.some, Family - fmly, Working - wrkg, Lakh Per Annum - LPA, Mangalik - mglk, Vegetarian - Veg etc can be used.
  • Mention your requirement if any of religion, caste or language along with personal info like age, weight, height, Skin Colour, Personality & Family background in the advertisement.
  • And lastly make sure you have given the right contact information at the end of your advertisement. Many a times it happened with advertisers that they have given incorrect contact info which leads to 0 response.
  • Choose carefully appropriate Sub Category and classifications if available so that your ad gets published under specific heading to get relevant response.
  • Use enhancement option if available like background colour, tick mark, bold to highlight your advertisement and catch extra attention but there would be an extra charge for it.
  • Please make sure that you make the booking for Sakal 3-4 days in advance before the date of release.

Matrimonial Wanted Bride Ad Samples:

  1. Reputed Saini family seeks suitable match for their son 30/5'10", well-settled, slim, h'some; S/W Engg, Delhi, 11 LPA, owns 3BHK flat; Father Rtd Govt Officer; Sub-caste: No Bar; Cont: 9100010000,
  2. QSM4 fair, h'some boy, 6'1",(24/1/91, 6:21am, Patna), Bhardwaj Gaur Brahmin, B.Tech. (IIT/CS), wrkng. in Bangalore, 18+ LPA. Contact:8121003003
  3. Our son, US and UK educated, MBA 35/5'9", working in Bangalore, is looking for an educated, smart and witty girl. Caste No Bar. Phone: 8101010101. Email:
  4. Siddiqui boy 30/5'11 handsome, MBA wrking in MNC lukng fr tall, beautiful, educated, religious girl. 92410 00000
  5. KKB, Kanpur Born, 31/5'11", B.Tech, MBA, 27 LPA at Mumbai, Kanyakubj, slim, fair, beautiful, working Bride required. 92410 00000,
  6. Sunni, 35/5’10, very fair, handsome, well travelled abroad, highly educated business family. Seeks very beautiful, educated girl. M: 8101010101
  7. Punjabi HSome Boy 31 NM 5'9" B.Pharm. M.S. (England) settled in U.K. Contact:
  8. Suitable Medico MD/MS/MDS Match from Upper Caste for Hindu/Goldsmith/Sunar/Soni/Handsome Doctor/5'-10"/jan 90/MS {Optha}/working as Sr. Doctor in Central Govt delhi hospital. delhi based well settled vegetarian family. ph 8101010101
  9. PQM4 H'some NM Digamber Jain Boy 29/5'9" B.Tech wrkg MNC Pune 24 LPA Mumbai based family. M- 8121003003,
  10. Divorcee Issue Less Khatri Boy 46/5-11" Govt Bank Job Rs. 12 LPA. Wanted B'ful Slim Girl Age 38-43. Contact: 8100010000

Matrimonial Wanted Groom Ad Samples:

  1. Suitable Match for tall slim fair attractive girl 36/5'6" MA (English) PGDCA M.Ed. NET (Edu.). Email BHP:-
  2. v'fair beautiful girl 5.2'/82 Central Govt Office, I'les Divorce pref. Govt Service #email: 8100010000
  3. Alliance invited from well settled hindu groom for 25 year 5'.4" BBA working Kayastha Girl belonging to family settled in Delhi. E:
  4. Required a well settled good looking rajput boy for a fair beautiful MDS girl (31 year, 5'5) 09101010100
  5. LKO based b'ful a-mglk pb br grl 88/5'8" MBA working in Pune. Watsapp BSP to 7007184532
  6. Match for Punjabi Brahmin girl MCA 25.08.1987 10.15pm 5.6 feet Chandigarh Working in Noida IT caste no bar 8100100100
  7. PQM4 Jindal fair Girl 12.04.90 10.45am Lucknow 5'4" sr. manager in nationalised bank Mumbai. whatsapp: 8100100100
  8. SC, Girl, 35/5'5", PHD, UPSC Selected Asst. Professor in Chennai looking Well Settled Boy, M. 9100100100
  9. KASHMIRI BRAHMIN , Dec 1989 Delhi born 167 cms. B.Pharma , MBA working in MNC Mumbai 24.5 LPA , 8101010101
  10. Girl 31/5'2"/Hindu completing PhD Elec. Engg starting job Oregon USA in Dec seeks qlfd compatible match #9101010101

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