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Get Property For Sale Advertisement published in the Sakal Newspaper print edition by booking it online through this website. Follow few simple steps and post your ad in the newspaper at lowest cost. Get up to 50% Discount for Property For Sale Classified Ad booking online for the Sakal newspaper only at

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Sakal Property For Sale Ad ContactPhone: +91-8121003003

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Choose a City:


Rs. 500 / 5 Lines


Rs. 500 / 4 Lines


Rs. 500 / 5 Lines


Rs. 600 / 10 Lines


Rs. 500 / 5 Lines


Rs. 500 / 5 Lines


Rs. 1,300 / 6 Lines


Rs. 500 / 5 Lines


Rs. 500 / 5 Lines

  • Book Sakal Property For Sale Ad by Package:

  • Sakal Bronze - Ahmednagar + Aurangabad + Nashik

    Ahmednagar + Aurangabad + Nashik (Sakal)

    Cost: Rs. 1,200.00 for 5 Lines

  • Sakal Gold - Aurangabad + Nashik + Khandesh

    Cities Covered: Aurangabad + Nashik + Khandesh

    Cost: Rs. 1,400.00 for 5 Lines

  • Sakal Platinum - Pune + Solapur + Satara

    Cities Covered: Pune + Solapur + Satara

    Cost: Rs. 1,600.00 for 5 Lines

  • Sakal Diamond - Pune + Mumbai + Aurangabad

    Cities Covered: Pune + Mumbai + Aurangabad

    Cost: Rs. 1,700.00 for 6 Lines

  • Sakal Silver - Pune + Mumbai

    Cities Covered: Pune + Mumbai

    Cost: Rs. 1,750.00 for 6 Lines

  • Sakal - All Editions

    Cities Covered: Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Khandesh, Kolhapur, Mumbai, Nagpur, Nashik, Pune, Satara and Solapur.

    Cost: Rs. 5,500.00 for 5 Lines

Book Property For Sale Classified Display Ad in Sakal for the following cities


Rs. 95 / Sq. Cm.


Rs. 85 / Sq. Cm.


Rs. 260 / Sq. Cm.


Rs. 115 / Sq. Cm.


Rs. 100 / Sq. Cm.


Rs. 100 / Sq. Cm.


Rs. 1,495 / Sq. Cm.


Rs. 70 / Sq. Cm.

Available options to book Property For Sale Ad in the Sakal Newspaper:

There are two advertising options through which you can get a Property For Sale ad published in the Sakal Newspaper.

Sakal Property For Sale Classified Ad Booking

The Classified Text Ad is the most economical option available to advertise a Property For Sale Ad in the Sakal newspaper. These ads are showcased in a simple running text format under the Property For Sale heading in the Classified Page. You can enhance the Property For Sale ad by adding Bold, Underline the ad, tick mark, background color options. Choosing any of these enhancement options would cost a little extra, but the advertisement gets stand-out from others.

Sakal Property For Sale Classified Display Ad Booking

The classified Display Ad in the Sakal is the next enhanced option which is costlier than Property For Sale Text Ads. This option gives you liberty to design a Property For Sale ad on your own using graphics, images, various fonts and colour. You can showcase the Property For Sale ad in a creative way which attracts the attention of Sakal reader. The cost of Property For Sale Classified Display Ad in Sakal is charged per square centimeter.

Process to Book Property Sale Ad in Sakal Newspaper?

  1. Select City or Property Ad Package to post in Sakal Newspaper.
  2. Choose Date of Publishing of your Real Estate Ad in Sakal.
  3. Draft your Ad for Property Sale referring Ad Samples.
  4. Review your Property for Sale Ad Booking & Register to make payment for Sakal Newspaper.
  5. To confirm Sakal Property Classified Ad Booking pay through Online or Offline Payment Options.

After Payment is done Sakal Property Sale Classified Ad Booking Confirmation will be sent to your email id.

This is how the Property Ad booking is completed. View your Ad in Property Classified Section of Sakal Newspaper on the chosen date.

Sakal Property For Sale Classifieds Advertisement:

Property Sale Classified Ads are published under Real Estate heading in Sakal Classifieds Column. There are various sub-heading available in Sakal to select which has to be chosen upon your requirement.

For example if you have a Commercial Property then you should choose Commercial Property as Sub-heading in Sakal Newspaper. And if you have a Flat to Sell then choose Flat for Sale Subheading in Property Classified Section of Sakal.

For your reference following are the sub-heading available for Property to Sale Ad in Sakal:

For Sale, Land for Sale, Plots For Sale, Commercial Premises, Estate and Properties, Hotel For Sale, Office/ Showrooms, Factory, Workshops, Independent Houses, Flats, Flats Resale, Farm House, Guest Houses, Industrial Premises, Warehouse etc.

There are various packages Offered by Sakal for Property for Sale Advertisement. There is also Special Discount on Tariff provided by Sakal for publishing Property Sale Classified Ad on Multiple Dates.

How to Draft Property Sale Ad for Sakal Classified Column:

A short and Crispy Ad Content would be better response in Sakal Newspaper.

Mention all details pertaining to your property you wish to sell like Location, Area in Square feet, Amenities, Price etc while advertising in Sakal.

Most Important don't forget to mention your Contact details in Sakal Classifieds.

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Sakal Advertisement Booking Online

Easily book Classified and Display Ads for the Sakal Newspaper online. Visit the Sakal Advertisement Booking Page on and select your Ad Type: [Classified] or [Display]. Then, choose your Ad Category, such as [Matrimonial, Property, Recruitment, Name Change, Business, and more]. A list of Cities with there Ad Rates for Sakal will be displayed. Click on the [Book Now] button next to the city of your choice.

Next, you'll be asked to select the Date of Publication and draft your ad for the selected city in the Sakal Newspaper. Once you've crafted your ad content, it's time to make the payment through a range of online and offline payment options. Once your payment is completed, the ad booking for the Sakal newspaper is completed.

After an editorial review, your ad will be published in Sakal newspaper, effectively reaching your target audience.

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