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The Times of India Newspaper:

The Times of India is a daily newspaper published in the English language and is owned and managed by Bennett Coleman Co Ltd popular know as the Times Group. TOI has been in print since 1838 and is unquestionably India's most popular and the largest English daily in terms of circulation in the world.

It emphasis on truth, serious tone, and coverage of foreign events increased its reputation in India, where it became regarded as an intellectual daily over time.

The newspaper informs and actively engages readers in order to propel development on a local and national scale.

Every day, they offer you the most recent news and commentary in current events, business, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, and culture.

It is the preferred publication of 13 million people, with a daily circulation of more than 3 million copies. As a result of its high circulation, it is also the most widely read English broadsheet daily in India.

On any given day, it is printed from almost 45 editions, and it is circulated across India. All of these factors combine to make it a vital publication for reaching out to all English-speaking Indians in general.

Advantages of Advertising in the Newspaper

Wide Reach. Advertising in the Times of India Newspaper is a great way to reach a larger audience. It has the ability to reach over 13 million readers.

Great Exposure. The newspaper would allow you to expose your brand to these readers. Your featured advertising will not only have a wide reach, but will also get a lot of attention from target consumers from all across the nation.

Several Choices. They cater to every sector of marketers with a diverse variety of advertising alternatives. Advertisers with large to modest budgets may place ads in the newspaper.

Maximized Results. It generates a positive reaction from readers, making the expense of advertising worthwhile.

Ad booking options:

There are primarily three options to book ad in The Times of India Newspaper. For any of the following option, you can simply book advertisement online through this website.

Option 1.Classifieds Ads Booking

Times of India Classifieds Ad BookingClassifieds Ads in the Times of India are the most cost-effective way to do marketing through the newspaper. There is a particular section called Times Interact for Classifieds, which are displayed in basic plain text style under specified categories. They are charged based on number of Lines consumed.

Some enhancement choices are available to improve the visibility of your ad, such as making the ad text bold, using a background color, adding a tick-mark at the beginning of your Ad, adding a border, and so on. Choosing these improvements would cost just a few bucks more.

To book Classifieds, Click here

Classifieds Ads categories:

To book a Classifieds, you need to starting with select a Category from the list. Following are the most popular categories, for which the majority of ads are booked.

Times of India Matrimonial Ad

Matrimonial Ad in Times of India NewspaperEvery Sunday, there is a special feature called Times Soulmate that is meant for matrimonial ads. Matrimonial heading is further subdivided into two categories: Wanted Bride and Wanted Groom. These subheadings are divided further into Caste, Language, Religion, Community, and Profession. Publishing a Marriage Ad by selecting the appropriate Sub-heading helps in obtaining the most relevant replies.

Times of India offers a variety of discount packages which are best for Matrimonial Ads. It is very simple to post Matrimonial Ads in the newspaper through

TOI Recruitment Ad

Job Posting Ad in Times of IndiaRecruitment Classifieds Advertisements are displayed in the Times Interact feature under the Job Section. There is also a special feature for Job Ads called Times Ascent, which publishes every Wednesday. There are various sub-heading under Situation Vacant. You will have to select the right heading to get good response. In most cases, putting a Situation Vacant advert in the newspaper generates a significant number of prospective resumes.

The publication offers special discounts which are best for Recruitment Category. Releasing a recruitment ad in the newspaper is a breeze with

TOI Property for Sale Classifieds Ad

Property for Sale Ad in Times of IndiaProperty Sale Ads are featured in the Times Interact section under the heading Property Ads. In addition, every Saturday, a unique feature called Times Property is published. This category also includes a number of sub-headings under which you may get your property advertising published in the newspaper. The response to the Classifieds in Property Times has been fantastic. The Realtors generates many inquiries through this option.

Its a simple job to post a property ad in TOI Newspaper at

TOI Property to Rent Classifieds Ad

Property To Let Ad in Times of IndiaProperty to Rent Classifieds are also featured in Times Interact under the Property Ads category. Every Saturday, these are also featured in the Times Property section. Property for rent classifieds provides a selection of subheadings to choose from. Property to rent advertisements link property owners and renters for full filling their needs.

Releasing a Property Rental Ad in TOI is now a breeze with

Obituary Ad

Obituary Ad in Times of India NewspaperObituary Announcement Ads in The Times of India newspaper are published under the Times Tribute Section. Times of India offers special discounts for Death Notice Ads. This kind of ads are allowed in the Classifieds Section as plain text and in the Classified Display Section you can place a photo along with the content.

Booking an Obituary Ad in newspaper is extremely easy through

Business Classifieds Ad

Business Ad in Times of IndiaBusiness-related advertisements are often published using Classified Display or Display Options. However, certain advertisements, such as Business for Sale, Business Offers, Business Services Offered, and so on, are published using the Classifieds option. Businesses who wish to promote at relatively minimal prices advertise in the Times Classifieds.

Publishing Business in TOI Newspaper is quick job through

Name Change Ad in Times of India

Name Change Ad in Times of IndiaChange of Name Ads are published in the Times Classified section. You can get Name Change Ad released on any day of the week. The rates are concessional for Name Change Ads as compared to other categories. A scanned copy of the full notarized document is needed to book a name change ad in the newspaper. If you don't have an affidavit, you may provide a gazette copy, which will also suffice as a document for verification.

Posting a Name Change Announcement Ad is indeed an easy task with

Option 2. Classified Display Ad

Classified Display Ads works in the same way as a Classifieds Advertisements. This advertisement is also featured in the Times Interact feature. Choosing a Category for Classifieds and Classified Display is the same.

The difference between a Classifieds and a Classified Display Ad is that instead of utilizing plain text, you may design the look and feel of your ad. In Classified Display Ad, you may include a logo, an image, and a different font style. Ad prices for Classified display ads are determined per square centimetre. The smallest size that may be accepted is 3x5 centimetres.

To book Classified Display Ad Click here

Option 3.Display Advertisement.

Display Ads in The Times of India Newspaper are the best way for businesses to effectively promote their brand to larger audience. Display advertisements are often displayed beside editorial articles in the newspaper. It is said to be a high-budget newspaper advertising medium.

Display ads may be placed in both the main newspaper and the numerous category-specific features such as City Times, Times Ascent, Times Property, Education Times, Times Zigwheels, and so on.

Display Advertisement allows you to select the placement of the advertisement. Get it published on the front page, back page, page three, or any other page of your preference. Furthermore, you may also choose any size for your display ad.

Display advertising offers you flexibility to promote in prominent spots in the newspaper, but it is considerably more expensive than other advertising options. If you want to book a display ad in the newspaper, Ads2Publish can provide you with the lowest pricing. We negotiate with the newspaper based on our experience and skill, and we try to get the best possible pricing for your display advertisement.

Advertisement Publishing Details:

Publishing Page: Times Classifieds Column
Publishing Days: All days in a week (Sunday to Saturday)
TOI Ad Booking Deadline: 1 day Prior for all categories except Matrimonial & Property
Friday for Matrimonial, Thursday for Property.
To be booked before 1 pm
Hurry Up. Deadline closes soon for the next edition. Book Classifieds Ads online and get instant Confirmation.
Times of India Newspaper Epaper

How to book Advertisement in Times of India Newspaper?

You can visit the Times of India official Ad Booking Page at and book the ad online by following a simple booking process.

  1. Select Ad Category. first select an Ad Category and choose [Classifieds or Display] as the Ad Type.
  2. Choose City. Now, select the city where you want to advertise. You can also choose customized ad packages that provide cost-savings option for placing ad in several cities.
  3. Select Date. The next step is to choose a date from the Calendar to schedule the Advertisement for publication in the Newspaper.
  4. Draft Ad. The next step is to write your ad content. Refer to our Ad Samples to draft an effective & brief newspaper ad.
  5. Make Payment. The last step is to check the cost & reconfirm the booking details and then make the payment using a Credit / Debit Card, G Pay or Bank Transfer.

So, by following this simple procedure, your advertisement is confirmed for publication in the newspaper. When you make a successful payment, you will get a booking confirmation email along with a GST Invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for advertising in Times of India Newspaper:

A. allows you to book several ad types in Times of India:

Classifieds: Text-based ads ideal for job postings, announcements, etc. Book them directly through our user-friendly online platform.

Classified Display Ads: Similar to Classifieds but with the option to include borders or logos. Book them online as well.

Display Ads: Larger, visually appealing ads with images and text. Perfect for showcasing products or branding. For Display Ads, please contact our Times of India Ad Support team at to discuss your specific requirements, ad size, placement options, and receive custom quotes.

Available Advertising Options in TOI Ad Position Rate Starting from Details
Times of India Display Ad Rates Main Edition Rs. 60/- per View Rates in Detail
City Times Ad Rates City Edition Rs. 48/- per View Rates in Detail
Times Ascent Ad Rates Supplement Rs. 240/- per View Rates in Detail
Times of India Obituary Ad Rates Times Tribute Rs. 22/- per View Rates in Detail
Times Property Ad Rates Supplement Rs. 32/- per View Rates in Detail
Education Times Ad Rates Supplement Rs. 30/- per View Rates in Detail
Public Notice Ad Rates Main Edition Rs. 51/- per View Rates in Detail
Tender Notice Ad Rates Main Edition Rs. 51/- per View Rates in Detail
Times of India Classified Ad Rates Times Interact Rs. 300/- 5 Lines Select a category above
Classified Display Advertisement Times Interact Rs. 20/- per View Rates in Detail
Times of India B2B Ad Rates Main Edition Rs. 35/- per View Rates in Detail
Financial Results Ad Rates Main Edition Rs. 51/- per View Rates in Detail

There are a variety of criteria that influence the pricing for publishing an advertisement in the TOI.

Prices vary depending on the kind of advertisement you want, the category you choose, and the number of editions you like to get your ad print in.

Classified Ads in Times Interact are charged per Line, whereas the rates for Display Ads are charged in Rupees per square centimeter.

The cost of a display advertisement varies based on the page on which it is placed.

When compared to other pages, the costs for the Front Page, Back Page, and Page3 are much higher.

A. strives to offer you the best value for your Times of India advertising campaign. Here are some ways you can save:

Package Discounts: We offer bundled packages that combine insertions across different Times of India editions, allowing you to reach a wider audience at a cost-effective rate.

Bulk Booking Discounts: Booking multiple insertions of your ad can qualify you for discounts.

While we can't display all current Times of India advertising discounts here, we encourage you to contact our Ad expert team! They'll be happy to discuss your advertising goals and suggest you the best cost saving option.

A. Choosing the right Times of India edition is crucial to reach your target audience effectively. Here's how can help:

We provide options to book your ad in various Times of India editions, allowing you to focus on specific cities, regions, or even major metropolitan areas where your ideal customers reside. This includes popular locations like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkatta, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Noida, Kerala, Lucknow, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Madhya Pradesh, Kanpur, Navi Mumbai, Goa, Bhubneshwar, Baroda, Coimbatore, Patna, Vishakapatnam, Bareilly, Nagpur, Dehradun, Surat, Vijayawada, Jharkhand, Meerut, Trichy - Madurai, Agra, Guwahati, Aurangabad, Nashik, Mysore, Mangalore, Allahabad, Rajkot, Hubli, Kolhapur, Jaipur Upcountry, Varanasi, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Madurai, and many more!

If you want pan-India coverage, we offer Times of India all edition ad packages to maximize your reach across the country, potentially reaching millions of readers.

Our team can analyze your target audience and recommend the most suitable Times of India editions to optimize your advertising budget and impact.

A. Grab attention! Tailor your ad to your target audience and highlight the benefits you offer. Use strong verbs, clear language, and a call to action. Keep it concise (space is valuable!). can help with free ad design and sample ad for advertising in Times of India!

A. Absolutely! We offer complimentary ad design services for both Classified Display Ads and Display Ads in Times of India Newspaper. Our team of experienced designers will work closely with you to understand your requirements and create an eye-catching ad that aligns with Times of India's specifications. We'll provide a draft design and collaborate with you on any revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction.

A. Absolutely!

For Classified Display Ads and Display Ads you can definitely include eye-catching images and logos to enhance your message and grab attention.

While standard Classified Ads only allow text, Times of India does offer some limited enhancement options like bolding, different color or border. offers convenient payment options for your Times of India ad booking:

Online Payment: Pay securely using major credit cards, debit cards, net banking, or UPI for instant ad confirmation.

Offline Payment: Confirm your ad booking online and then choose to pay via bank transfer or cash. Your ad booking will be kept on hold till payment is received.

A. Absolutely! Once you complete your ad booking process and payment, you'll receive a confirmation email containing all the details of your ad, including the booking ID. We'll also send a confirmation message with the booking ID to your registered phone number for your reference.

A. For the most flexibility, we recommend making any changes to your ad content before you complete your online booking. However, in some cases, edits might be possible if your ad is still in the processing stage. We cannot guarantee changes once your ad is confirmed for release in Times of India.

If you need to make urgent changes after confirmation, please contact our Times of India Ad Support team as soon as possible at 8121003003. While we can't promise specific outcomes, they'll do their best to explore options and find a suitable solution.

A. We understand that situations can change. While ad cancellation after confirmation for release in Times of India is not possible, we can offer some flexibility:

Cancellation During Processing: If your ad is still in the processing stage, cancellation might be possible. We'll do our best to accommodate your request, but there may be a processing fee involved.

Exploring Alternatives: If your ad is confirmed but not yet published, contact our Times of India Ad Support team as soon as possible at 8121003003. They might be able to explore options like rescheduling your ad for a future date (subject to availability).

A. We'll provide a soft copy (digital image) of the page where your ad is published. For a physical copy, you can purchase Times of India newspaper from local vendors or view your ad online through their e-paper.

The key benefits of booking an ad online for the TOI newspaper :

Gone are the days when ads were booked by physically visiting to the TOI newspaper office and manually filling out the form, standing in line, racing to meet deadlines, or locating Times of India Ad Agents.

You can now book an advertisement for the TOI Newspaper online with minimal effort.

  1. Fast & Easy. With just a few clicks, you can easily book an ad in the Times of India newspaper. To finish the procedure, just follow the easy steps provided.
  2. Simple to Understand. The advertisement booking procedure is very simple. Every step, such as selecting a category, city, understanding the cost, writing the ad, and completing the payment, is presented in a very simplified form at
  3. Lowest price. When you book ads online for the TOI newspaper, Ads2Publish offer exclusive deals and a discount.
  4. Excellent support. We've got a fantastic customer support team that can assist you while booking your ad online. Connect them via Live-Chat option on the website or talking to them on +91-8121003003

Times of India Advertisement Contact:

If you're looking to place Classified or Display Advertisement in Times of India Newspaper and need help, then you can reach out to our advertising department through the following contact details:

We offer expert guidance, ensure a smooth booking process, and answer any questions you may have about advertising in the Times of India.

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