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  • Book Ad by choosing a Name Change Package:

  • Lokmat Name Change - Akola (2 Newspapers)

    Name Change ad publishes in Lokmat (Marathi) and Lokmat Samachar (Hindi) newspaper in Akola edition.

    Cost: Rs. 390.00 for 4 Lines

  • Lokmat Name Change - Nagpur (3 Newspapers)

    Publishes ad in Lokmat (Marathi) and Lokmat Samachar (Hindi) + Lokmat Times (English) newspaper in Nagpur edition.

    Cost: Rs. 985.00 for 4 Lines

  • Lokmat Name Change - Aurangabad (3 Newspapers)

    Publishes ad in Lokmat (Marathi) and Lokmat Samachar (Hindi) + Lokmat Times newspaper in Aurangabad edition.

    Cost: Rs. 990.00 for 4 Lines

  • Lokmat - Name Change All Editions

    Cities Covered: Akola, Aurangabad, Goa, Jalgaon, Kokan, Kolhapur, Mumbai, Nagar, Nashik, Pune, Solapur and Nagpur.

    Cost: Rs. 6,140.00 for 4 Lines

No Editions are available for Lokmat Name Change Advertisement

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₹ 290 for 4 Lines


₹ 875 for 4 Lines


₹ 200 for 4 Lines


₹ 575 for 4 Lines


₹ 200 for 4 Lines


₹ 325 for 4 Lines


₹ 1,260 for 4 Lines


₹ 300 for 4 Lines


₹ 870 for 4 Lines


₹ 850 for 4 Lines


₹ 830 for 4 Lines


₹ 275 for 4 Lines

Name Change Ad in Lokmat Newspaper

If you are looking to legally change your name, you may be required to publish a Name Change Advertisement in a newspaper of circulation, like the Lokmat. This serves as a public announcement of your name change and helps establish a record of it.

Lokmat have specific sections dedicated to name change announcements, which is where your ad would be placed. They are generally placed in Classified section of the newspaper.

You can book your ad instantly online for Newspaper publishing. There are various Ad offers and packages available.

Procedure to get Name Change Ad published in Lokmat Newspaper:

  1. Get Legal Documents: Before proceeding, obtain the required legal documents like Name Change Affidavit or Gazette copy for Lokmat.
  2. Choose City: Select the city from the above list to publish you ad in Lokmat.
  3. Set Publication Date: Choose the date of publication of your ad.
  4. Draft the Ad: Write a concise ad which include old and new names, Affidavit/Gazette details, and vital information.
  5. Review your Ad & Make Payment: Check throughly all the Name Change ad details for Lokmat and make a secure payment via card, internet banking, or direct deposit.
  6. On successful payment, you receive an auto generated invoice confirming your Name Change Classified Ad booking for Lokmat newspaper.
  7. Publication: Your Name Change Ad will appear on your chosen date in Lokmat Newspaper.
  8. Ad Booking Support: For any assistance you can reach us by calling on +918121003003.
  9. Collect Proof: Purchase multiple copies of Lokmat newspaper after publication. Useful for future reference.
  10. Name Change Ad in Lokmat Newspaper for Change of Name in Passport

    A newspaper advertisement as part of the name change process for a passport in India has been a common practice. The publication of a name change advertisement in newspapers, such as Lokmat and at least one local newspaper, has often been required to ensure that the name change is made public and to prevent fraudulent name changes.

    Therefore, draft your Name Change Ad in the following format to get it published in Lokmat Newspaper.

    I {Name of the Person} son/daughter {Father's Name} Age {x} Years, Address: {Your complete Address} has changed my Name from {Your Name} to {New Name} vide Affidavit Number {11111} dated {00.00.0000} before Notary by {Name of Notary Officer}.

    Please take note that Lokmat newspaper mandates the submission of an Affidavit or Gazette copy along with any Name Change Advertisement. Therefore, We urge individuals seeking to publish their Name Change Ad in Lokmat to ensure the readiness of their Name Change Affidavit copy before proceeding with the booking.


    A. While Lokmat has wide reach, typically you'd need to get your ad published in 2 newspapers. We recommend adding another alongside it.

    A: Lokmat accepts ads for next-day publication until 1:00 PM, one day in advance. However, to guarantee publication tomorrow, booking and submitting the ad along with the required affidavit copy must be completed before noon today.

    A: To publish a name change ad in Lokmat, you'll need a copy of your affidavit. This document should clearly state your:

    • Old Name
    • New Name
    • Father's Name
    • Age
    • Current Address

    Make sure the affidavit is notarized on a stamped bond paper by a local notary public.

    A: Yes, a published name change ad in Lokmat is generally accepted as valid proof by the Passport Office. You can submit a copy of the newspaper containing your ad.

    A: When you book your ad through Ads2Publish.com, we'll send a digital copy of the newspaper containing your ad to your registered email after publication. This is a convenient way to keep a record of your ad.

    For a physical copy of Lokmat newspaper, you'll need to purchase it from a local vendor in your city on the day of publication. To ensure they have a copy available, consider contacting the vendor a day in advance and letting them know the date and publication section of your ad.

    A: Absolutely! At Ads2Publish, we're here to help you every step of the way when booking your ad online for Lokmat.

    Whether you need guidance on selecting the right ad format, assistance with designing your ad content, or simply have questions about the process, our friendly customer support team is readily available to assist you.

    You can get in touch with us via Phone: 8121003303 or ping us on Live Chat. We're here to ensure a smooth and successful ad booking experience for your Lokmat ad!

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