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Get your Name Change Advertisement published in leading Newspapers of NASA or Pondy at lowest cost. Follow easily online booking process at Ads2Publish. Check out Ad Rates and Offers for Name Change Classified Ad of NASA or Pondy newspapers below.

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Choose Ad Type

Choose Newspaper for Name Change Advertisement in NASA or Pondy:

  • Name Change Ad in The Hindu NASA or Pondy The Hindu NASA or Pondy Circulation: 0

    Rs. 200 for 2 Line

  • Name Change Ad in Daily Thanthi NASA or Pondy Daily Thanthi NASA or Pondy Circulation: 17,592

    Rs. 250 for 3 Line

    Daily Thanthi NASA or Pondy Name Change Ad Packages

    • Daily Thanthi - Name Change All Edition

      Cities Covered: Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore. Cuddalore, Dindugal, Erode, Madurai, Mumbai, NASA or Pondy, Nagercoil, Nellai, Salem, Tanjore, Trichy and Vellore.

      Discounted Price:
      Rs. 1,600 for 3 Line

  • Name Change Ad in Dinakaran NASA or Pondy Dinakaran NASA or Pondy Circulation: 84,036

    Rs. 300 for 4 Line

  • Name Change Ad in Dinamalar NASA or Pondy Dinamalar NASA or Pondy Circulation:

    Rs. 550 for 4 Line

NASA or Pondy Name Change Classified Display Ad Rates

Change of Name Ad in NASA or Pondy Newspaper

Book Change of Name Classified Ad in Newspapers of NASA or Pondy city instantly online in 3 easy steps. There are various options available to Choose from in NASA or Pondy Newspapers for Change of Name Classified Ad.

Name Change Advertisement Format

Below are some example advertisement format for change of name

  1. I, Ratna Ashok Agarwal, W/o Ashok Agarwal, D3/112, ORD Village, NASA or Pondy-1 sworn in an affidavit at SDJM Court NASA or Pondy changed my name as Ratna Agarwal.
  2. I, Abhishek Lahoti R/o. 1-3-201, Indra Nagar, Street No. 5, NASA or Pondy have changed my name from Abhishek Lahoti to Abhishek Kumar Lahoti for all purpose by affidavit sworn before Sivasagar Public Notary dated 01-01-2016
  3. Based on an order entered by the Snohomish county district court, Washington, USA, on 10/Jan/2016, bearing case number N01-0124, we, Anand Rao Nama and Sujata Anand have changed our minor daughter's name from Priyanka Rao to Priyanka Rao Nama for all purposes.
  4. I, Aarti Sharma R/O R34, Dream Pride House, Aparna Township, Manikonda, NASA or Pondy has changed our minor Son name from Manav Singh Sharma to Manav Sharma for all purpose vide affidavit no 01AA 254168 date 01-01-2016.

Procedure for publishing Name Change Ad in NASA or Pondy Newspapers

To get your Name Changed advertisement published in NASA or Pondy newspapers you need to do the following

  1. Change of Name Affidavit. Before everything you first need to get a Notary Affidavit from NASA or Pondy District Court. There will be many vendors there beside District Court who provides Notarised Affidavit. Ask him to make an Name Change Affidavit. It should be given on Stamp Paper in a specific format. The vendor should be charging you between Rs. 100 to Rs. 150.
  2. Book your Change of Name Ad Online by selecting any of the available Newspapers in NASA or Pondy and follow simple steps.
  3. You need to send the scanned Affidavit copy to us after booking your name change Ad online through Ads2Publish.
  4. Name Change Ad in Newspaper NASA or Pondy. You need to get Change of Name advertisement published in 2 Newspaper. 1 Should be National Daily Newspaper and the other one should be local Daily Newspaper. If you have any doubt regarding National and Local Newspaper just call our customer support team to get it clarified.
  5. Purchase 5 copies of each newspaper in which your name change advertisement published. This would be helpful for you to submit at Passport office or any other Goverment Department where you are requesting for name change.

Cost of Name Change Ad in NASA or Pondy Newspapers:

Name of Newspaper City Ad Rate
The Hindu NASA or Pondy Rs. 200 for 2 Line
Daily Thanthi NASA or Pondy Rs. 250 for 3 Line
Dinakaran NASA or Pondy Rs. 300 for 4 Line
Dinamalar NASA or Pondy Rs. 550 for 4 Line

Ad Rates of Name Change advertisement in NASA or Pondy Newspapers

  1. All the leading Newspapers in NASA or Pondy have different Ad Rates for Name Change Classified Advertisements. The rates are defined as per newspaper circulation.
  2. There are 2 types of Ad Rates for Name Change advertisement to publish in Classified Column of newspaper.
  3. They are Classified Text Ad and Classified Display Ad option. Both are charged differently because of the difference in their format and placement.
  4. Classified Text Ads are formatted in simple running text. They are charged based on the number of Line or words used in the advertisement content. To enhance your Name Change Classified text ad you can use enhancements options like Background Colour, Bold, Tick mark for higher visibility by paying some extra cost.
  5. Classified Display Ads can be design according to your own choice using different font, images and logos. Name Change Classified Display Ad are charged per square centimeter in all Newspapers. But their is restriction for minimum and maximum Height and Width to be taken. You can choose B/w or Colour advertisement as cost of advertisement may vary for B/w and Colour.

Available Newspaper in NASA or Pondy for Name Change Ads