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Tribune Classifieds

Tribune Classifieds Ad Booking Tribune Classified Ads are the most cost-effective option of advertising in the newspaper. Get the best response through Tribune Classifieds Ad for Property, Jobs, Matrimonial, Services, Vehicles, Buy/Sell, and Name Change Announcements categories.

Classifieds Ads in Tribune Newspaper are Charged by Word or Lines with a limited space provided. There are some enhancement options also offered in Tribune classifieds to enhance the ad visibility.

Here are some advantages of posting Classifieds Ad in Tribune:

Quick Online Booking: Tribune classifieds can be placed quickly by booking it online through this website.

Ideal for Specific Needs: Matrimonial, job listings, real estate, rentals, personal announcements, and more – Tribune classifieds are best for this specific requirements.

Targeted Reach: People who are looking for what you are offerings mostly reads Tribune classifieds.

Authentic Responses from Classifieds: Rapid and receptive reader engagement in Tribune leads to genuine responses.

Ready to get noticed? Easily book your classified ad in Tribune Newspaper online through this user-friendly website. Follow a few simple steps to publish your ad.

The Tribune Classifieds Online Booking:

Booking classified ads in Tribune newspapers has never been easier. Follow these straightforward steps for quick online booking:

Step 1: Choose Your Classified Ad Category. Pick the category that best suits your ad, whether it's real estate, jobs, services, or more.

Step 2: Select the City or Edition. Specify the city or edition of Tribune where you want your ad to appear. Reach your desired audience effectively.

Step 3: Compose Your Ad, select date and Make Payment. Compose your ad with the necessary details – concise and engaging. Then, proceed to make a secure online payment.

Publishing Page:Tribune Classifieds
Publishing Days:All days, (Sunday to Saturday)
Ad Booking Deadline:1 day Prior for all Classified Ads
To be booked before 1:00 pm
Accepted Ad Categories:

Matrimonial (Wanted Bride on Saturday) & (Wanted Groom on Sunday), Recruitment, Property Sale & Rent Ad, Name Change Ad, Obituary Ad, Lost Found Ad, Automotives Ad, Business and Services Ads

Hurry Up. Book your classified ad in Tribune Newspaper. Booking closes soon for the next edition. Book Now and get instant Confirmation.

The Tribune Classifieds Ad cost:

The Tribune Classified Epaper

For The Tribune Classifieds, the base cost covers 15 words, with additional words incurring extra charges. Here are the charges for various Ad Categories.

Ad Rates for Edition Rate Starting from
Tribune Matrimonial Ad Chandigarh Rs. 750/- for 15 Words
Tribune Recruitment Ad Chandigarh Rs. 750/- for 15 Words
Property Sale Ad Chandigarh Rs. 750/- for 15 Words
Property Rent Ad Chandigarh Rs. 750/- for 15 Words
Business Ad Chandigarh Rs. 750/- for 15 Words
Name Change Ad Chandigarh Rs. 750/- for 15 Words
Vehicle Sale Ad Chandigarh Rs. 750/- for 15 Words
Lost Found Ad Chandigarh Rs. 750/- for 15 Words

The Tribune Display Advertising

The Tribune offers a comprehensive suite of advertising options to cater to your specific needs. From captivating display ads to concise classifieds, recruitment ads, property ads, and even obituary ads in special feature, you have the freedom to choose the avenue that best suits your message.

Tribune Display Ad Rates
Display Ad
City Tribune Ad Rates
City Tribune Ad
Tribune Recruitment Ad Rates
Recruitment Ad
Tribune Obituary Ad Rates
Tribune Obituary Ad
Tribune Property Ad Rates
Real Estate Ad
Tribune Education Ad Rates
Tribune Education Ad
Tribune Public Notice Ad Rates
Public Notice Ad
Tribune Tender Notice Ad Rates
Tender Notice Ad

The Tribune Newspaper: A Trusted Beacon of Unbiased News and Thought

As the largest selling daily English newspaper in North India, The Tribune stands as an unwavering pillar of information, delivering news and perspectives free from any form of bias or prejudice. Its commitment to neutrality is a hallmark of its identity. This esteemed publication stands as a true bastion of journalistic independence, a beacon that navigates the complex sea of information with integrity.

Beyond its English edition, The Tribune's legacy expands to encompass two equally significant sister publications – Punjabi Tribune (in Punjabi) and Dainik Tribune (in Hindi). This triumvirate of newspapers collectively upholds the newspaper's enduring commitment to providing news and insights in languages that resonate with diverse audiences.

With a remarkable history spanning over 133 years, The Tribune's origins trace back to Lahore, Pakistan, where it was founded on February 2, 1881. Its visionary inception was the result of the dedication of Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia, a forward-thinking philanthropist whose vision transcended borders.

Today, The Tribune has found its home in Chandigarh, India, continuing its legacy of unbiased reporting and thoughtful analysis. A testament to its integrity, The Tribune operates under the stewardship of a trust led by four distinguished trustees. This governance structure underscores the publication's commitment to remaining true to its core values and to its readership.

The Tribune isn't merely a newspaper; it is a testament to the power of informed journalism, a reflection of its founder's ideals, and a source of reliable information that North India can count on. It continues to illuminate the present and guide the future with the unwavering light of truth and integrity.

Elevate Your Brand by Advertising in The Tribune Newspaper

Tribune Newspaper Epaper

Advertising in The Tribune newspaper offers a multitude of advantages for your marketing efforts:

Broad Reach: The Tribune's extensive readership in North India ensures your message reaches a diverse audience.

Credibility: Align your brand with The Tribune's unbiased reporting for enhanced trustworthiness.

Targeting: Precisely reach specific regions or demographics through The Tribune's distribution network.

Multilingual Reach: Extend your impact with Punjabi and Hindi sister publications.

Local Connection: Cultivate a local presence and engage with your community.

Online Amplification: Extend your reach through The Tribune's digital platform.

Book your Classified Ads in The Tribune Newspaper

Unlock the potential of effective advertising by securing your spot in The Tribune newspaper. The Classifieds Column in Tribune Chandigarh is a daily platform for reaching your audience, with heightened responses observed for Matrimonial Ads on Sundays, Property and Rental Ads on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as Recruitment and Name Change Ads throughout the week. Don't miss the chance to leverage The Tribune's influence for your advertising endeavors.

How to book an Ad in Tribune Newspaper?

Follow the given procedure at Ads2publish to book ad in The Tribune newspaper for both classified and Display Category.
  1. Choose Ad Category from the list at The Tribune Advertisement Page here
  2. Select the city you wish to advertise in The Tribune Newspaper.
  3. Choose date of publishing your ad from Calendar.
  4. Draft your Ad content referring Classifieds Samples
  5. Finally review the cost and ad booking details and pay through various payment options like Credit / Debit Card, Google Pay, PayTM or Bank Transfer.

Looks easy right? So through this simple process view it in The Tribune newspaper. After you make payment an confirmation email along with GST Invoice will be sent to you.

What is the cost of Advertisement in The Tribune?

The Cost of Advertising in Tribune starts from Rs. 450 and goes as high as Rs. 3 Lakhs.

The cost varies depending on the advertising option and the city you choose for Tribune.

Classifieds are charged per Word, where as the rates for Display Ads are charged in Rupees per square centimeter for Tribune newspaper.

The rates again vary for every page. For example, there is a premium charged for Advertising in Tribune on Front Page, Back Page or Page 3.

So to know the exact cost Click here

Is there any Discount offered for Advertisement in The Tribune Newspaper?

Yes, There are various discounts and packages offered for Tribune Newspaper.

The offers are listed on The Tribune Advertising Category Page here

Further to this Ads2publish offers extra 5% Discount if booked online for Tribune newspaper. Use Code "PROMO2013" at Tribune Booking Preview Page to get the discount.

Which is the best day to post ad in Tribune Newspaper?

Sunday is the most popular day for Classifieds in Tribune newspaper.

Matrimonial Ads are published on every Saturday &Sunday in Your Connect.

Property on every Saturday & Sunday.

Recruitment Classified are effective on Wednesday & Sunday.

All other ads are advertised as per the need of advertiser.

Why Choose Ads2Publish for Advertising in Tribune?

1. Streamlined Ad Booking Process:

Transforming Tribune ad bookings, Ads2Publish introduces an intuitive online platform. As an authorized Advertising Agency sanctioned by Tribune, we provide seamless access to their advertising inventory.

2. Authorized and Experienced:

Your Trusted Tribune Online Ad Booking Platform.

When you choose Ads2Publish, you're choosing expertise and trust. We are an authorized Online Advertisement Booking platform endorsed by Tribune. With over two decades of industry experience, we have established ourselves as a leading player in the field. This authorization is a testament to our credibility and commitment to providing top-notch advertising solutions. When you work with us, you're working with a trusted partner who understands the advertising landscape.

3. Competitive Pricing, Outstanding Results:

Achieve Excellence in Tribune Advertising

At Ads2Publish, we understand that cost-effectiveness matters. Our competitive pricing model ensures that you get the most value for your investment. You don't have to compromise on quality to stay within your budget. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, our pricing structure caters to your needs. Achieve outstanding results without breaking the bank. With Ads2Publish, excellence in Tribune advertising is within your reach.

4. Expert Support at Your Fingertips:

Dedicated Customer Support for Seamless Ad Booking

Navigating through the ad booking process has never been easier. Our dedicated customer support team is here to assist you every step of the way. Reach out to us via phone, email, or live chat from Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm. Have questions? Need guidance? Our experts are ready to provide you with the support you need. We ensure that your ad booking experience is smooth and hassle-free.

5. Thousands of Satisfied Clients:

Testimonials of Success in Tribune Advertising

Our track record speaks for itself. Thousands of satisfied clients have chosen Ads2Publish for their Tribune advertising needs. These success stories reflect our commitment to delivering effective advertising solutions. We take pride in contributing to our clients' achievements and helping them reach their goals through our services. When you choose Ads2Publish, you're joining a community of successful advertisers.

6. One Platform, Multiple Options:

Expand Your Reach with Ads2Publish's Newspaper Ad Services

The power of choice is at your fingertips. With Ads2Publish, you're not limited to Tribune alone. Our platform offers you the opportunity to reach a wider audience by booking ads in multiple newspapers. From Times of India, Deccan Chronicle, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Dainik Bhaskar, Dainik Jagran, Eenadu, Lokmat, Malayala Manorama, Sakal, The Tribune, Gujarat Samachar, we cover a diverse range of newspapers. One platform, multiple options - Ads2Publish empowers you to expand your reach and make a bigger impact.