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Hindustan Times Classifieds Ad Booking HT Classified Ads are the most cost-effective option of advertising in the newspaper. Get the best response HT Classifieds Ad for Property, Jobs, Matrimonial, Services, Vehicles, Buy/Sell, and Name Change Announcements categories.

Classifieds Ads in Hindustan Times Newspaper are Charged by Word or Lines with a limited space provided. There are some enhancement options also offered in HT Classifieds to enhance the ad visibility.

Here are some advantages of posting Classifieds Ad in Hindustan Times:

Quick Online Booking: Hindustan Times classifieds can be placed quickly by booking it online through this website.

Ideal for Specific Needs: Matrimonial, job listings, real estate, rentals, personal announcements, and more – Hindustan Times classifieds are best for this specific requirements.

Targeted Reach: People who are looking for what you are offerings mostly reads Hindustan Times classifieds.

Authentic Responses from Classifieds: Rapid and receptive reader engagement in Hindustan Times leads to genuine responses.

Ready to get noticed? Easily book your classified ad in Hindustan Times Newspaper online through this user-friendly website. Follow a few simple steps to publish your ad.

Hindustan Times Classifieds Online Booking:

Booking classified ads in Hindustan Times newspapers has never been easier. Follow these straightforward steps for quick online booking:

Step 1: Choose Your Classified Ad Category. Pick the category that best suits your ad, whether it's real estate, jobs, services, or more.

Step 2: Select the City or Edition. Specify the city or edition of Hindustan Times where you want your ad to appear. Reach your desired audience effectively.

Step 3: Compose Your Ad, select date and Make Payment. Compose your ad with the necessary details – concise and engaging. Then, proceed to make a secure online payment.

Publishing Page:HT Classifieds
Publishing Days:All days, (Sunday to Saturday)
Ad Booking Deadline:1 day Prior for all Classifieds
2 days Prior for
Matrimonial & Property Ads.
To be booked before 11:00 am
Accepted Ad Categories:

HT Matrimonials, Recruitment in Shine Jobs, Property Sale & Rent in HT Estates, Name Change Ad, Obituary Ad in HT Homage, Lost Found Ad, Automotives, Business and Services

Hurry Up. Booking closes soon for the next edition of HT Classifieds. Book Now and get instant Confirmation.

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Hindustan Times Newspaper: Illuminating Truths Through Time

In the realm of Indian journalism, the Hindustan Times (HT) stands as a venerable institution, a torchbearer of credible and impactful reporting. Established in 1924, during the fervor of India's struggle for independence, HT's roots are intertwined with the nation's journey towards self-determination.

With a readership touching an impressive 3.7 million, HT has evolved into more than a newspaper; it's a daily ritual for countless individuals seeking a holistic blend of news, analysis, and entertainment. Its pages not only inform but also engage and inspire conversations, making it an integral part of the lives of its readers.

Hindustan Times carries a historical legacy encapsulated in its name, "Hindustan," which reflects the essence of Northern India. Its inauguration by none other than Mahatma Gandhi imparts a profound significance, aligning the publication with the ideals of truth, freedom, and justice.

The newspaper's impact transcends its printed words. It has etched a special place in the hearts of North Indians, becoming a reliable companion that informs and influences opinions. This profound connection showcases the newspaper's ability to unite and empower communities through information.

HT's brand extends beyond its readers. Advertisers find it to be an invaluable platform to convey messages to a diverse and engaged audience. This recognition underscores HT's credibility and effectiveness as a communication medium.

In a world inundated with information, HT's commitment to unbiased reporting and responsible journalism shines bright. It not only presents news but also scrutinizes events, analyzes complexities, and amplifies voices that need to be heard.

As the media landscape continues to evolve, Hindustan Times remains steadfast, its pages echoing with the ideals it was founded upon. It is not merely a newspaper but a timeless embodiment of journalistic integrity, a source that illuminates truths, empowers minds, and connects hearts across generations.

Exploring Opportunities: Advertising Choices in Hindustan Times Newspaper

Hindustan Times Classified Epaper

In the dynamic realm of effective communication, advertising stands as a powerful bridge between businesses and their target audience. Amidst a myriad of options, the Hindustan Times newspaper emerges as a beacon of choice, offering a spectrum of advertising avenues, each imbued with unique advantages. As we embark on this journey of exploration, let's unveil the distinctive benefits these options bring, alongside strategic recommendations for optimal responses.

1. Classified Advertisements: Embracing Precision

Within the pages of Hindustan Times, classified advertisements offer a concise yet impactful mode of conveying messages. From job openings to property listings and public announcements, classifieds provide a cost-effective means to reach a broad and diverse readership. For enhanced effectiveness, consider the following strategic days for publishing: feature Matrimonial Ads on Sundays within HT Sunday Matrimonial, present Properties on both Saturdays and Sundays in HT Estates, spotlight Job Advertisements on Tuesdays in Shine Jobs, and promote Education Services on Mondays in HT Education.

2. Display Advertisements: Crafting Visual Narratives

For those seeking a visual impact, display advertisements within Hindustan Times provide an ideal platform. Infused with captivating visuals, engaging designs, and succinct content, display ads seize readers' attention with finesse. This avenue proves ideal for brand promotion, product launches, and event announcements, serving as a potent tool for businesses aiming to distinguish themselves in the competitive market.

3. Recruitment Advertisements: Nurturing Professional Connections

Hindustan Times' recruitment advertisements serve as a bridge connecting employers with prospective candidates. Leveraging the newspaper's expansive reach and unwavering credibility, these advertisements ensure that your job opportunities resonate with a qualified and diverse pool of applicants.

4. Property Advertisements: Showcasing Real Estate Ventures

Hindustan Times serves as a robust platform for showcasing real estate ventures. Whether spotlighting properties for sale, rent, or lease, these advertisements unveil the realm of real estate to a wide and engaged audience, fostering connections between potential buyers or tenants and the properties they seek.

5. Obituary Advertisements: Commemorating Lives

In moments of reflection and remembrance, obituary advertisements in Hindustan Times offer a dignified and compassionate space to honor loved ones. By sharing details of memorial services and offering condolences, these advertisements stand as a respectful channel for paying heartfelt tributes.

The Advantages of Advertising in Hindustan Times:

1. Trusted Source: Associating with Hindustan Times infuses credibility into your message, harnessing the newspaper's trusted reputation to bolster your communication.

2. Broad Reach: Hindustan Times' substantial readership ensures that your advertisement penetrates a diverse and extensive audience.

3. Targeted Engagement: Tailor your advertising approach based on your goals and demographics, amplifying engagement by aligning with the right avenues.

4. Tangibility: The tangible presence of print ads within Hindustan Times engages readers and enhances brand retention, yielding a lasting impact.

5. Established Brand: Partnering with Hindustan Times elevates your brand's recognition and reputation, fostering a positive association.

In the ever-evolving landscape of advertising, Hindustan Times newspaper emerges as an adaptable and potent platform. Its reach, credibility, diverse array of options, and strategic publishing days collectively position it as a strategic choice for businesses and individuals alike, effectively conveying messages that resonate with their intended audience, leaving a profound and enduring impression.

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Hindustan Times Newspaper Epaper

How to book an Ad in Hindustan Times Newspaper?

You can visit the Hindustan Times official Ad Booking Page at and book the ad online by following a simple booking process.

  1. Choose Category from the list at HT Advertisement Page here
  2. Select the city you wish to advertise in Hindustan Times Newspaper.
  3. Choose date from Calendar for your ad in the newspaper.
  4. Draft your Ad content referring Classifieds Samples
  5. Finally review the cost and booking details and pay through various payment options like Credit / Debit Card, Google Pay, PayTM or Bank Transfer.

Looks easy right? So through this simple process view it in HT newspaper. After you make payment an confirmation email along with GST Invoice will be sent to you.

What is the cost of Advertisement in Hindustan Times?

The Cost of Advertising in Hindustan Times starts from Rs. 300 and goes as high as Rs. 30 Lakhs.

The cost varies depending on the advertising option and the city you choose for Hindustan Times.

Classifieds are charged per Line, where as the rates for Display Ads are charged in Rupees per square centimeter for Hindustan Times newspaper.

The rates again vary for every page. For example, there is a premium charged for Advertising in Hindustan Times on Front Page, Back Page or Page 3.

So to know the exact cost for your advertisement Click here

Is there any Discount offered for Advertising in HT Newspaper?

Yes, There are various discounts and packages offered for Hindustan Times Newspaper.

The offers are listed on HT Advertising Category Page here

Further to this Ads2publish offers extra 5% Discount if booked online for Hindustan Times newspaper. Use Code "PROMO2013" at Hindustan Times Booking Preview Page to get the discount.

Which is the best day to post ad in Hindustan Times Newspaper?

Sunday is the most popular day for Classifieds in Hindustan Times newspaper.

Property on every Saturday in HT Estates Feature.

Recruitment Classified are effective on Tuesday in HT Shine Jobs.

All other ads are advertised as per the need of advertiser.

Hindustan Times Advertisement Contact:

If you're looking to place Classified or Display Advertisement in Hindustan Times Newspaper and need help, then you can reach out to our advertising department through the following contact details:

We offer expert guidance, ensure a smooth booking process, and answer any questions you may have about advertising in the Hindustan Times.

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