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Deccan Herald Classifieds

Deccan Herald Classifieds Ad Booking Deccan Herald Classified Ads are the most cost-effective option of advertising in the newspaper. Get the best response through Deccan Herald Classifieds Ad for Property, Jobs, Matrimonial, Services, Vehicles, Buy/Sell, and Name Change Announcements categories.

Classifieds Ads in Deccan Herald Newspaper are Charged by Word or Lines with a limited space provided. There are some enhancement options also offered in Deccan Herald classifieds to enhance the ad visibility.

Here are some advantages of posting Classifieds Ad in Deccan Herald:

Quick Online Booking: Deccan Herald classifieds can be placed quickly by booking it online through this website.

Ideal for Specific Needs: Matrimonial, job listings, real estate, rentals, personal announcements, and more – Deccan Herald classifieds are best for this specific requirements.

Targeted Reach: People who are looking for what you are offerings mostly reads Deccan Herald classifieds.

Authentic Responses from Classifieds: Rapid and receptive reader engagement in Deccan Herald leads to genuine responses.

Ready to get noticed? Easily book your classified ad in Deccan Herald Newspaper online through this user-friendly website. Follow a few simple steps to publish your ad.

Deccan Herald Classifieds Online Booking:

Booking classified ads in Deccan Herald newspapers has never been easier. Follow these straightforward steps for quick online booking:

Step 1: Choose Your Classified Ad Category. Pick the category that best suits your ad, whether it's real estate, jobs, services, or more.

Step 2: Select the City or Edition. Specify the city or edition of Deccan Herald where you want your ad to appear. Reach your desired audience effectively.

Step 3: Compose Your Ad, select date and Make Payment. Compose your ad with the necessary details – concise and engaging. Then, proceed to make a secure online payment.

Publishing PagePublishing DaysPopular Classifieds
Booking Deadline

DH Classifieds
All days
(Sunday to Saturday)

DH Matrimonials

Recruitment in Avenues

Property Sale & Rent in
DH Realty

Name Change


Lost Found

Automotives in Wheels



1 day Prior for all Classifieds Ads
To be booked before 11:30 am
Hurry Up. Book your ad for DH Classifieds in Deccan Herald Newspaper. Book Now and get instant Confirmation.

Deccan Herald Classifieds Ad Rates:

Deccan Herald Classified Epaper

For Deccan Herald Classifieds, the base cost covers 15 Words, with additional Words incurring extra charges. The maximum word limit is 50 Words. Here are the charges for various Ad Categories.

Ad Rates for Edition Rate Starting from
Deccan Herald Matrimonial Ad Bangalore Rs. 1700/- for 15 Words
Deccan Herald Recruitment Ad Bangalore Rs. 1700/- for 15 Words
Deccan Herald Property Sale Ad Bangalore Rs. 1700/- for 15 Words
Deccan Herald Property Rent Ad Bangalore Rs. 1700/- for 15 Words
Deccan Herald Business Ad Bangalore Rs. 1700/- for 15 Words
Deccan Herald Name Change Ad Bangalore Rs. 1700/- for 15 Words
Deccan Herald Vehicle Sale Ad Bangalore Rs. 1700/- for 15 Words
Deccan Herald Lost Found Ad Bangalore Rs. 1700/- for 15 Words

Deccan Herald Display Advertising

Deccan Herald Display Ad Rates
Display Ad
DH City Ad Rates
DH City Ad
DH Avenues Ad Rates
DH Avenues - Recruitment Ad
Deccan Herald Obituary Ad Rates
Obituary Ad
DH Realty Ad Rates
Property Ad
DH Education Ad Rates
Education Ad
Classified Display Ad Rates
Classified Display Ad
Tender Ad Rates
Tender Ad
Deccan Herald Newspaper Epaper

Deccan Herald: Nurturing Karnataka's Reading Culture

Deccan Herald, an esteemed English-language daily newspaper, is a cherished presence in Bengaluru and various cities across Karnataka. Established in 1948 by K.N. Guruswamy, the newspaper has garnered widespread acclaim for its journalistic excellence, robust reporting, and insightful content across diverse domains.

A Gateway to Karnataka's English Readership: Deccan Herald is not merely a newspaper; it's a gateway to engage with Karnataka's English-speaking audience. Its pages serve as a captivating medium to connect with readers who seek well-rounded information and thought-provoking insights.

Wide Regional Outreach: With editions published in six key cities of Karnataka, Deccan Herald reaches readers far and wide. Its dedicated circulation of approximately 4.5 lakh copies every day underscores its influence and impact on shaping public discourse.

Prajavani: A Sisterly Bond: Deccan Herald's family extends to include its cherished sister publication, Prajavani. As a revered Kannada daily newspaper, Prajavani complements Deccan Herald's commitment to provide news and perspectives in two significant languages, fostering a rich linguistic tapestry.

Embracing Change, Preserving Tradition: While embracing the digital age, Deccan Herald retains its core values of balanced reporting and journalistic integrity. Its digital presence, combined with the enduring allure of print, ensures that readers remain informed and engaged through evolving mediums.

Deccan Herald's legacy is a testament to its unwavering dedication to serving readers, fostering connections, and enriching Karnataka's vibrant reading culture. With its reach, influence, and sisterly bond with Prajavani, Deccan Herald continues to illuminate minds and inspire conversations that shape the state's narrative.

Why Advertise in Deccan Herald Newspaper?

Reach English Readers: Advertise here to connect with people who read and speak English in Karnataka.

Covering Many Cities: Your ad will be seen in six important cities across Karnataka, letting more people know about your brand.

Trusted Source: Deccan Herald is a well-respected newspaper, so your ad will be taken seriously by readers.

High Circulation in Bangalore: Many copies of this newspaper are printed every day (about 4.5 lakh copies), meaning your ad will be seen by a lot of people.

Advertising in Deccan Herald gets your message to a big audience in a trusted paper that covers important news and topics. It's a smart way to make your brand known and get people interested.

Book your classified ads in Deccan Herald Newspaper. Classifieds Column in Deccan Herald publishes every day in the Newspaper but the response are more for Matrimonial Ads on Sunday, Property, Rental Ads on Saturday and Sunday, Recruitment and Name Change Ads on all days.

How to book an Ad in Deccan Herald Newspaper?

Follow the given procedure at Ads2publish to book ad in Deccan Herald newspaper for both classifieds and Display Category.
  1. Choose Category from the list at DH Advertisement Page here
  2. Select the city you wish to advertise in Deccan Herald Newspaper.
  3. Choose Publising Date from the Calendar for newspaper publication.
  4. Draft your Ad content referring Classifieds Samples
  5. Finally review the cost and booking details and pay through various payment options like Credit / Debit Card, Google Pay, PayTM or Bank Transfer.

Looks easy right? So through this simple process view it in DH newspaper. After you make payment an confirmation email along with GST Invoice will be sent to you.

What is the cost of Advertisement in Deccan Herald?

The Cost of Advertising in Deccan Herald starts from Rs. 1200 and goes as high as Rs. 10 Lakhs.

The cost varies depending on the advertising option and the city you choose for Deccan Herald.

Classifieds are charged per Word, where as the rates for Display Ads are charged in Rupees per square centimeter for Deccan Herald newspaper.

The rates again vary for every page. For example, there is a premium charged for Advertising in Deccan Herald on Front Page, Back Page or Page 3.

So to know the exact cost Click here

Can I get a Discount for Advertisement in Deccan Herald Newspaper?

Yes, There are various discounts and packages offered for Deccan Herald Newspaper.

The offers are listed on DH Advertising Category Page here

Further to this Ads2publish offers extra 5% Discount if booked online for Deccan Herald newspaper. Use Code "PROMO2013" at Deccan Herald Booking Preview Page to get the discount.

Which is the best day to post ad in Deccan Herald Newspaper?

Sunday is the most popular day for Classifieds in Deccan Herald newspaper.

Matrimonial Ads are published on every Sunday in Sunday Herald.

Property on every Saturday & Sunday in DH Realty Feature.

Recruitment Classified are effective on Wednesday in DH Avenues.

All other ads are advertised as per the need of advertiser.

Deccan Herald Advertisement Contact:

Reach the Deccan Herald Advertisement department quickly and conveniently through

We offer expert guidance, ensure a smooth booking process, and answer any questions you may have about advertising in the Deccan Herald.

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