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Cost ₹ 290 for 4 Line

Circulation: 74,633 copies


Lokmat Packages   [Cost Saver]  

Lokmat - Matrimonial All Editions

Cities Covered: Akola, Aurangabad, Goa, Jalgaon, Kokan, Kolhapur, Mumbai, Nagar, Nashik, Pune, Solapur and Nagpur.

Offer Price: ₹ 5,545 for 4 Line

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Why post Matrimonial Ads in Akola Newspapers?

Marriage holds a sacred place in Indian culture, symbolizing the union of two souls and families. While modern avenues for matchmaking exist, the traditional practice of seeking life partners through newspaper matrimonial ads remains deeply ingrained, particularly in Akola. Here's why:

Bridging Communities: Akola newspapers boast a vast readership, reaching individuals from diverse backgrounds and communities across the city. This extensive reach ensures that matrimonial ads connect with a wide array of prospective matches.

Upholding Tradition: Deep-rooted cultural beliefs persist in Akola, where families continue to place great importance on traditional matchmaking methods. Matrimonial ads serve as a trusted means for parents and families to seek compatible brides and grooms in accordance with age-old customs.

Digital Divide: Despite India's rapid technological advancements, a significant portion of the population, especially older generations, remains unfamiliar with online platforms. For them, newspapers offer a familiar and accessible medium to explore matrimonial prospects in Akola.

Matrimonial ads play a vital role in facilitating the search for eligible brides and grooms, aligning with individual preferences and family expectations. While online matrimonial sites gain popularity, the enduring appeal of newspaper ads endures, reflecting a cultural preference for personalized matchmaking.

At Ads2Publish, we recognize the significance of matrimonial ads in Akola newspapers. Our platform simplifies the process, ensuring your ad reaches a wide audience seamlessly. Discover your ideal life partner with ease – book your matrimonial ad through Ads2Publish and embark on your journey to marital bliss.

Book Matrimonial Ad for Akola Newspapers. Choose a newspaper from the given list and book Matrimonial Classified Advertisement online.

If you are looking to find a perfect bride or groom from Akola then releasing a matrimonial ad in a newspaper is the right option. There are various newspapers in Akola which offer discounts and special packages for Matrimonial Ads.

We are a fully equipped Newspaper Advertising Agency having a sound network with leading newspapers in Akola, which enables us to publish Matrimonial Ad at the lowest cost using our online booking service.

How to give Matrimonial Ad in Akola Newspapers?

To get Matrimonial Advertisement published in newspapers of Akola follow the below given procedure on the website.

  1. Select Newspaper. Choose a publication from the list of newspapers in Akola for Matrimonial Ad booking.
  2. Choose Date. Select a date from Calendar to get Matrimonial Ad published in selected Akola newspaper.
  3. Draft the Ad. Write the Matrimonial ad in compose page. For help in drafting the Matrimonial ad refer Ad Samples for Akola Newspaper.
  4. Make Payment. To confirm the Matrimonial Ad booking in Akola newspaper, make the payment through various online / offline payment options.

On successful payment, the Matrimonial ad would get published in Akola newspaper.

Cost of Matrimonial Ad in Akola Newspapers?

Below is the list of Newspapers in Akola along with the cost of Matrimonial Ad.

Newspaper Ad Rate
Lokmat Rs. 290 for 4 Line

At Ads2Publish, we simplify the process of publishing Matrimonial classified ad in newspapers of Akola through our online ad booking system. As a leading Newspaper Advertising Agency in Akola, we offer special rates for publishing Matrimonial Ad in Newspaper. Our extensive network with newspapers in Akola enables us to provide you the best rates for publishing Classified Ads.